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Country China
City Talyuan City TaiYuanShi, Shanxi
Address Road 1, Wusu Bonded Area
Phone 1 990 505 4566
Website Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2019

I was looking for an American flag (Stars and Stripes) shirt for July 4th. I did an image search on the web and saw a shirt that looked like what I wanted. The website that it was on looked genuine with a large collection of clothes for men, women, and children. I paid for the shirt using my credit card and then waited.

The parcel took longer than I expected to arrive and when it did, they had sent me the wrong shirt. It was a cheap grey t-shirt that looked nothing like the American flag. I contacted the webstore seeking a replacement or refund asap. I received bot answers saying that they would look into it. Nothing ever happened since.

I was told by one of these messages to use the refund page on the website to claim a refund. I filled it in a few times but it doesn't work. It is all a sham.

There was a telephone number on the docket for the parcel and when I called it, there was an automatic message saying that the number was unknown.

The website looks genuine but the whole thing is a scam. It is very annoying. It was a huge deception operation by the owners of the website. None of the items on the website are real. They send the people who paid crap clothing and then never reply to them.

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