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Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
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  • Mar 28, 2016

I joined this company a while back, they claimed to offer a 30 day money back guarentee. When I first joined I knew this was a scam, they literally show you how to set up email accounts and make you pay $500 for a website. This is totally outrageous and they will NEVER refund your money.

The second I asked for a refund this is what they said: "You must finish all 8 modules before you can request a refund"

This is kind of bogus because the videos take more than a month to watch them all, also they make it impossible by making you contact them to unlock the modules for you (which takes 3 days sometimes more). Also, in one module you have to get 100 people to sign up before moving on and you think its possible to get 100 people to sign up for a scam and pay $500???

I really just want my money back, even google has sent me emails saying my website is unsecure and that people get a warning when joining my site. Also, they only want you to get people to sign up so they get their $500, becuase when you opt in they send you to a blank page and some random person calls you claiming to be from amazon and wants to know if you have a major credit card.

I am told to refer people to a site called Online Income Solutions which is weird because I signed up through Dynamic Referral Solutions.

Please any help on how I can get a refund? This is really pissing me off because I have tried to get a refund 3 times now.

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  • Sep 2, 2016



  • Jul 31, 2016


They never give you refunds of your money

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