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Mentoring of America

Country United States
State Utah
City Lehi
Address 2600 W Executive Pkwy,Suite 200
Phone 1-801-709-8985

Mentoring of America Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2015

This happening started on October 9, 2007 when after a TV commecial, I ordered a CD about John Beck's Free and Clear "Pennies of a Dollar" real estate business. This resulted at getting me ripoff to a total of $16,889.00. A total of $12,999.00 of these (equally charged to 2 of my credit cards), I believed at first is my starting capital (later found-out as an enrollment tuition); $1,900.00 for Business Set-up with (Strategic Financial Services, Inc. WY Corporation/LLC Services Engagement Agreement with Telephone # 888-845-0827 and Fax # 888-213-4747), as I am told - but then actually set-up by (Patricia Touchstone of Strategic Financial Services Plus, 849 East Aultman Street, Ely, NV 89301, Toll Free # 866-310-7269, Fax # 775-289-3241), with recurring monthly fee of $49.95 and $1,900.00 for Tax Preparation with (Martin Pettit of Strategic Financial Services, Post Office Box 64717, Los Angeles, CA 90064, Tel. # 310-622-7292, Fax # 310-622-7293, with recurring monthly fee of $29.95. These respective recurring fees I deferred after 2 months of payments. Going back to the CD I ordered, I had viewed it and at some point, had found out that the informations is not updated. I ignored the situation by telling myself that I cannot do anything about it. I already have got it - then losing the 80+ bucks are just okay. Three months had passed when somebody called my work phone and ask about how am I doing with the program. His name was Michael (a Cambodian he said), and is an employee of John Beck. He talks very nicely and wanted me to be serious with the program and had asked me if I got credit cards. I told him that I got 2 credit cards: Citi and GM cards with respective credit limits of $19,000.00 and $11,500.00. He was amazed and had told me that I got all the tools to get started with their amazing, tested and remarkable program. He further told me that if I got a computer and have some time with it - then no doubt I can do it. He then said that I need to talk to his supervisor that knows more about the program. Though kind of don't want doing it, I then said okay. . . The supervisor's name was Kesie Penn (with Tel. # 1-888-857-6731, ext. 1393; Fax No. 1-818-786-4456 and e-mail: [email protected]) She really got that great job of convincing me the best of John Beck's program can bring. She talks very fast, convincing and well informed at what to tell me as I stayed reluctant at signing into the program. She told me to invest a total of $12,999.00 to get started with their amazing program and I will be receiving some tools and guidelines soonest by mail to earn money very soon. She even suggests charging it equally in half at two of my credit cards. She succeeded at signing me up with the program and had me connected to a lady in charge to make my credit card authorization with a banker in a-three-way-telephone conversation. Everything was done - and in my understanding (about the money investment at this point), was that: it is my initial capital at getting started into the program. I am sure that this signing with Kesie Penn happened within the first week of February, 2008. I cannot just remember the exact date. . .

A day after the signing up and card authorization, I told my wife about the program in which she strongly opposed. She pointed out about what can happen to two of our boys in college when I fail making money out of it. Right after our conversation, I called my credit card banks (Citi and GM Cards), then advised them not to release the money and that I am cancelling the transactions. A couple of days, I got a call from Kesie Penn asking me what's going on and why I cancelled the transaction. It was that time that I told her that I am scared to go ahead with it. I told her that I got so many problems at home, and that my house construction is not yet done, my two boys are still in college and above all, my wife was against it. She countered saying: "That is why you are going into it so you have more than enough to handle all those problems. Signing up with the program was really the best decision you had made for these will give you financial freedom- - and you wanted financial freedom- - right? So, tell your wife not to worry, for this is the best opportunity you can make and you soon be your own boss. I strongly suggest that you have to go with it. I will be providing you a coach who can guide you into the fulfillment of your dreams." Her words are really convincing, had changed my mind and had made me agree - to call the bank again - to make the release. She then added that somebody will call me shortly for "Coach Session" schedules; for an Accountant, to set-up for my taxes and someone else who will help set-up and register my business. My coach's name was Brad Gillies (a John Beck coach based in Utah, with Client Support Telephone # 866-373-4363 and E-mail: [email protected]).

My 1st session was last February 17, 2008; the last session was April 14, 2008, after sending his 8th e-mails of guidance and instructions. He did not tell me that it was the last session, but ever since, he cannot be contacted no more and I never heard of him again. I tried following all the guidelines but so doing will cost me more money so, I stopped it all and had not even started. I realized that it was not that easy like Kesie Penn had been telling me. Besides, I have no more funds to keep me going, I think I have gone way to far to beleive those sugar-coated words and I am now in serious debt. So much more, I never told my wife that I signed-up with them anyway. Up to now, my debt in my credit card is haunting me. It prevents me to get approved at any transaction where credits card be checked.. . . I do not know if the phone and fax numbers mentioned above still exist this time - but there could be records to verify the new numbers if they had been changed. I hope anyone can interest at helping me out to collect back the money I was ripoff. . .

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