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Menifee Community Services Department

Country United States
State California
City Menifee
Address 29995 Evans Road West Annex
Phone 951 723 3880

Menifee Community Services Department Reviews

  • May 12, 2019

This report is in reference to the Menifee Community Services Department locted at 29995 Evans Road, Menifee California 92586 and the adjacent Senior Center. Whenever I went to offices and/or the senior center to make a payment for my daughter's dance class the unqualified part time staff never knew how to do it.

From what I understand, even if afterhours the part time staff working the desk was required to take payments but for whatever reason did not want to do it. I was even told that one worker, Nic, transferred to maintenance to get out of taking payments but can barley do that.

I guess he would rather work outside in 110 degree plus weather rather than have someone squaking down over him at the front desk and/or work evenings and weekends. Another worker, Miriam, nobody wanted to work for her and would rather work at the skate park? Park Ranger Amanda is in charge of the skate park but does not work weekends? Really?

No wonder why the staff there is always on their phones, leaving early coming in late (unapproved?) goofing off and never doing anything except saying you can't skate without membership and equipment. I heard that one or more skater(s) didn't accept that b.s. and skated anyway saying that if the police appeared even they would have to concede that he wasn't doing anything, so they couldn't do anything, his record will still be blank and he could get security clearance after this.

The senior center coordinator, Aisha (direct phone 951-723-3754, cell 951-533-5932), tried to have all of the public call 951-672-9673 (main number, classic junker phone number anyway) so that they would say she is not available to all public calls. Really, who would call the center and ask "Do you have cards today, what is for lunch, may I speak to the coordinator??" Of course, most (if not all callers) attempting that simply blocked their caller id and hang up!

How can you be a in public government service by avoiding all phone calls when your direct extension is on your business card? More egregious was a voice mail greeting that said if you needed immediate assistance to call the main number and then looked stumped when a smart caller blocked their caller id, got voicemail and hung up with no corresponding call to the main number.

All of the classed offered by Menifee Community Services are pure garbage, and so is Menifee Community Servies. Run, don't walk away from this place!

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