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MemoStorage LLC.

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 1-888-517-7767

MemoStorage LLC. Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2017

Memo storage, a company I have never heard of submitted an unauthorized e-check for $35.50 to my bank for payment.

The address they had on the check was one that I have not had for four years. It has in parentheses after the address “Old address”.

And my signature is typed in with “as authorized signatory for” before it. I never authorized anything like that, and I don't even know what it is!

  • Nov 23, 2016

I checked my bank account today and there was $35.50 deducted froma storage facility..... or so I thought!!!! I called my bank immediately and then they told me that the debit was an electronic check from a memo storage place. My bank gave me the contact information and I called the company listed MEMO STORAGE. The customer service represtenative REFUSED to let me talk to a supervisor and offered little information to how they got my bank account information. I was told that if I did not sign up for the service then it was piggy backed on another service that i enrolled in and then did not cancel!!!! Yeah cancel for a service I had no idea that I was signed up for in the first place..... What an Idiot!!! I called my Identity guard; which I did sign up for and questioned them on the service, they said that they do not know this company and that they do not include other companies in on their service. Due to the fact that it is an idenity monitoring service they do not sell your information and you pay them to stop things like this from happening. I also contacted Amazon, the only other company that I ever order from and filed a complaint to their customer service department. They responded within minutes stating that they were going to investigate this company and look into the matter, but again assured me that they too do not add services onto their orders. Therefore if I did not attain this service from one of the providers that I have ordered through online then how did this company I have never heard of ever get my personal banking account information and sign me up for a service that I did not give permission to??? I am outraged!!!! I was able to cancel the service so that they do not do this again...... but what about the money that I so carefully budget for to the dollar weekly and now I am out a whole $35.50.... seriously part of my Thanksgiving dinner money.... This company is a bunch of A$$h*le$!!!!!

  • Sep 1, 2016

This company has taken $35.50 out of our account for a few months. I called to get a refund and they had a home address and email address that were over three years old! I told them we did not authorize this and I wanted a refund. She said they would investigate and if we didnt want the service they would refund our money, however, they said it looks like we did it online so we propably shouldnt expect a refund. I told her I would call my bank and she got pissy and said if that is the case then she cant help me. I called back and no answer. Total Scam and Rip-Off!!!

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