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Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Rock Springs
Address 1200 College Dr
Phone 1 307-362-3711

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2019

The next day my nurse called in my list of needed medications. By the week end, I still did not have them. They were meds that caused withdrawals when I went off them. Things like Tramadol, Premarin, Neurontin, Lyrica, and Metformin. By this time, I am sweating profusely and taking two showers daily. I called the office and was told the scripts had been "taken care of."

I replied they had not because they were not at the pharmacy, I was told the receptionist passed a note along herself. I called Hospital Administration to investigate. I was so mad and upset I spent the afternoon crying until I fell asleep. I was awakened by a lady who said my Premarin was filled. I replied, "Thank you." and hung up the phone.

The next day, I received a letter telling me I was unwelcome in Dr. Long's care and I was to search for another doctor. Funny thing is that my husband and my 46 year-old daughter went to Dr. Long also. Both are disabled and I am their caretaker. So, when my daughter's apt. came up, I took her as usual. I asked Dr. Long if he was aware of the letter and he was. He said they just could not have their employees upset.

I asked, "What about your patients?" It is okay with you that they are not being cared for as they should be? I could provide several others who found the process of refills lacking." He still refused me as a patient, but continued to allow me to being my daughter and my husband there to their apts. Two days after this conversation, my husband's nurse called Dr. Long's office to report my husband's pulse was 33.

The nurse told her to send him to the ER. We got him there and the ER doctor called the office to get instructions from my husband's PCP. The nurse, Robin, said tell my husband to go to his cardiologist. The next morning, sitting between our daughter and Dr. Dansie, a colleague of Dr. Long's, my husband went into cardiac arrest. Dr. Dansie drove him to the ER and put my husband on an airplane outfitted to fly to Salt Lake City even when we are having a blizzard as we were that day.

My husband was outfitted with a pacemaker and sent home in two days. I am still taking my husband and daughter to Dr. Dansie without trouble but I am not allowed to be treated by Dr. Dansie. I just want some othere opinions as I think this is ludicrous. Dr. Dansie's people really are nice to me and think the situation is ridiculous. I have heard gossip about Dr. Long and his interpersonal relationship with Robin that should be looked into professionally.

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