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Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 7600 Beechnut St
Phone 713-456-5000

Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Reviews

  • May 23, 2017

Memorial Hermann Observations (Ryan – RN); Head Nurse, and the Administration tampered with my medical files and drugs. the evening staff not only did they monitor my glucose level they did not provide towels to bath/wash my face or tell me where I could bathe. Due to the high glucose level and weakness, I asked for assistance to get to the restroom but no one helped me. My medical issues was well documented so they didn’t utilize that information. I asked the evening staff what my glucose level was but did not check until hours later and it was over 300. After 300 glucose level then they provided the Insulin. My medical records reflected Blood pressure issue but Blood Pressure medicine.

I asked Ryan to test my sugar and was told I have to reenter all your medication because they weren’t in the system. I was very afraid for my life in the Observation Unit. They were giving me medication I did not recognize to put me to sleep so they could move me to another room I was in. Memorial Hermann discharged me without my Doctor’s permission and my family and friends were looking for me but they were told I’d been discharged. Around 3:30 Pm – 4:00 Pm someone discharged me without my doctor’s permission. A young lady from Admission came in a hurry cut my current ID bracelet and attached another one she said a new account. Young lady wasn’t being truthful because the account numbers reflect different numbers. Head Nurse says hadn’t change which confused me. My family panic because they were told I had been discharged and no one could find me.

There was a customer and I say customer because Ryan came to my room to say the customer that came in wanted the room I was in. Then asked if I would move to another room and I told him I am a patient with an IV, Oxygen and medical information was assigned to the room. I asked again why I should move. He said the customer like the room I was in. Therefore, I firmly refused. Ryan said “ok” but he came back with a Tylenol for a headache that asked for 4 hours earlier. First he gave me 2 - Tylenol tablets in the hopes of me going to sleep. He also said before he gives me the 2mg Insulin and 6mg Levitra? he need another nurse from another sign-off on it first.

Previously, he administered the same insulin by himself and he couldn’t answer. I started getting suspicious of everything he told me. He asked me a second time but then gave me the reason that had nothing to do with me changing room. Then he sent another male nurse in to take my vitals after Ryan had taken them. I began to get uncomfortable and nervous something illegal was going on. They waited 2 hours attempting to ease in my room to move me while I was asleep but I’m a light sleeper.

When Look at him, Ryan says “Mrs.____ I checking see if you were having trouble with my back. I said “What”…yes, but I sit in the recliner in my room a while then get back into bed.

Next the head nurse came in a 1 hour later starting to remove the recliner chair. Of course, I caught easing the recliner out of my room. I asked her where are you going with the chair and her “I’m taking to the 4th floor but she took it the customer/patient room. Although I needed for my back, she removed the chair. Then Ryan came in as if to check on me. I asked him why are you guys trying move me to another, remove the recliner, need someone else to signed off medication my prescribed for him to give me. By this time I was angry, my chest pain started again, weak then asked him to remove the IV which he did not remove all of it. I asked him leave the room so I could out my clothes. Afraid of what Ryan and Head Nurse were up to, I went back into ER and this little girl security guard to call someone over the nurses. She asked me what I need and I explain it was medical reason so I’ll to them. A nurse came out and stares at me as I explain what happen and I was afraid of what Ryan and the Head Nurse were doing. I would not go back to their care. I just wanted to leave. The administration came out and wanted have this little security girl to forcibly remove the remaining part of the IV. I’d lost the confidence and the ability to provide medical care. I asked where I could wait for my son to pick me up and told the ER waiting room. They posted the little girl security at the door so I could not leave. They wanted to remove the remaining the IV. Without them seeing I placed another piece of IV tape on it then I tried to walk out the door. The security guard say ma’am you can’t leave until they remove it. I continued to walk and the security guard grabbed the arm where the IV was. So I turned around and pulled the excess tape off to make it appear it was the IV. I took a picture of the IV before a family member (RN) Nursing Professor removed it.

Ryan, Head Nurse and Administrator changed my medical records to not reflect different mgs that my records show the discharge and the position of the IV.

I’ve had a dangerous hospital experience and in some cases lethal actions from these medical providers.

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