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Megalodon Marketing

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 80 SW 8th St Suite 24

Megalodon Marketing Reviews

  • May 24, 2017

Jeremy Haynes is selling snake oil. I currently run a Digital Marketing Agency in michigan and had a previous client of megalodon marketing tell me he went to this guy who was requesting all kinds of money and gave him NO RESULTS.

We Love our clients and do what ever we can to help them out. So I go to contact Megalodon Marketing to discuss where they left off, So a team member or I can pick up and continue the project.

BUT then I see it all.

He has 56 reviews - 35 of them he obtain in 3 days... 50 of them are fake facebook accounts with no actual review just 5 stars from 3rd world countries... hmm

From simply being on his facebook page I see that the reviews with actual writing are simply his friends.

My client reached out to grant cardones office to verify Jeremy and this is the words that come out of the CFO's mouth

"We do not like to associate ourselfs with this indivdual and would further more like it if he did NOT use tell clients he is associated with us. Jeremy and another former employee are under investigation for STEALING data and using business data that he illegal took from us when leaving."

theres more.. she continues on about how he stole the companies data and is now contacting their clients offering his services, that they have recieved calls prior about customers feeling uneasy becuase their information has been comprimised.

Dont let this tai lopez wanna be fool you. Hes just 1 of the many looking for a quick buck.

Know anyone else scamming? save people their money and help build trust in marketers again!

Many marketers work their butts off for years! dont let these "GURU" sell you snake oil and ruin it for the rest.


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