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Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address P.O. BOX 6645
Phone (888) 224-8821

Megadrox Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2016

Good luck with this company, the product is a ripoff!! This is a subscription product, I called to cancel and the person on the phone stated the product was canelled and i would receive no further orders. Low and behold the next month i was billed $114.90 before th product came in. I called the company an this time they tried selling me on the product again even offering me a 25% discount then a 50% discount on my next orders if i stay with the company. This time I demanded confirmation and they emailed me a termination but wouldn't do anything about the junk they already sent.

When I asked about returning or rebating this order they guy just kept repeating that the order was terminated and I wouldn't be receiving any more of teh product. When I asked why i didn;t receive this the first time he blew the question off. I kept asking a single question and he refused to answer and hung up on me. I never raised my voice, was confrontational or anything but their otlook is they stole $114.90 from me so they win. I called back and the asked for a supervisor, wow just so happens that I was speaking with one, yea right! When i repeatedly asked for a supervisor the lady on the phonr wouldn;t connect me with anyone else.

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