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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 555 Saturn Blvd, Suite B-1235
Phone (206) 775-8797
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  • Feb 27, 2018

Simular to Paul's May 2017 comment. I am physically disabled with debilitating pain. Due to the Opiod crisis Doctor is reluctant to prescribe needed medication. I also dont blame anyone but myself for getting scammed. I"ve lived 58 years avoiding falling for USA scams. I watch Dateline! But yes I did place an order from what I was lead to believe was a supplier from Vancouver Canada. And like Paul I had previously placed an order (in my case nearly 2 yrs ago, I cancelled as I am house bound and was not able to deposit money or send via FEDX). In Feb 2018 I received a text offering medication I need, I thought perhaps they got my e-address from all the medical websites I've registered on for assistance in Canada. I then placed the order, sent the payment, received acknowledgment that my order would be shipped. However within a few hours I was told my order was on Hold due to non payment of previous order (2 yrs ago & not shipped), no refund would be given and no order would be shipped. A different phone number texted me, not as pleasant as other and advising me if I didnt pay previous order asap I would be sent to collections for immediate payment.

I then searched my emails for these old orders and long story short, the websites were no longer valid, nor were the email addresses or phone numbers. I sent the recent company these details while advising I would pay for previous orders as soon as they would send me update 'valid' address for payment and to confirm product is now sent from Canada vs. USA. (Canadian customs will not accept medical products from the usa). The email I sent them with the request for udpated payment information was not answered, the text sent to both phone numbers was answered stating This cannot be dealt with via text Please email (however each reply requesting an email address was not responded to, except re-staing Cannot deal with these matters via text). I called these numbers, no answer, I left VM to which I receive no reply.

Only then do I do an internet search on these folks and well, I'm writing here so you know what I found. This is all a SCAM.

I'm so angry with myself. I know better. But like Paul, when you suffer with debilitating pain and know what can relieve some of it to function one can be blinded by Hope.

With the exchange rate, fee paid for person to do the errand of obtaining the Money Order plus Postage ($50.), I've lost $500.cad, a half months disability payment.

I'm shaking my head as I write this, how stupid can I be. Like Paul, I took this time to register here and write in hopes I can help someone NOT get SCAMMED.

Here are some of the details: Websites; Seattle WA & Vancouver BC @ 206-775-8797

2) New York, NY & Toronto, Ontario @ 347-824-2670

3) Name: irbou marketing inernational (no type-O) email: [email protected] Website:

4) Name: Pharmacy, email: [email protected] Seattle WA & Vancouver BC Canada @ Text: 206-775-8797

As you can see, there is cross over with either email addresses or phone numbers and locations.

Suffering continues :(

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