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Medical Staffing Consultants, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Amityville
Address 166 Broadway, Suite LL
Phone 800.764.2966

Medical Staffing Consultants, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jun 13, 2019

I am the person who posted the above complaint against jason meyer, medical staffing consultants, and dan brunnel of dearborn west. After being made aware of my grievances, medical staffing consultants satisfied me fully. I no longer have any complaint or grievance against jason meyer, medical staffing consultants, or dan brunnel of dearborn west.

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  • Aug 8, 2019



I was on the phone with Jason yesterday and was really considering the staffing company, but after reading your review I'm having 2nd thoughts. They're asking for $65,000 and I don't want to loose a penny. I was given the dream of opening an office, and being able to place medical staff professionals into jobs, all while making a hearty profit. Did you buy into this same dream? It sounds like from your post, I should run for the hills.

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  • Nov 14, 2018

I purchased a “license” from Medical Staffing Consultants this year to start a medical staffing agency. I was introduced to Medical Staffing Consultants and it’s CEO, Jason Meyer, who are based in Amityville, NY, by Dan Brunell, Franchise Development, Dearborn West, based in Temecula, CA. Dan Brunell assured me he had thoroughly vetted Medical Staffing Consultants.

I DO NOT recommend Medical Staffing Consultants (or Deaborn West) for the following reasons:

Medical Staffing Consultants is not selling a “license”, in the legal sense. They advertise as a “business opportunity” but they are not registered, minimally, in New York or California, as required when offering a business opportunity. If taking them at their word that they are a business opportunity, then Medical Staffing Consultants must furnish prospective buyers with disclosures and other documents. They do not do this.

The company advertises that they provide a “turnkey” operation and that you will learn how to recruit, hire, and staff multiple disciplines in any type of healthcare facility. The program Jason Meyer, CEO, of Medical Staffing Consultants sold is to learn how to:

Operate your business on paper (despite a requirement that you buy, through Medical Staffing Consultants, a one-year, overpriced software subscription to Stafferlink, of which Medical Staffing Consultant’s trainer could not integrate into his training as he was operating his business on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents);

Sell low-margin CNAs and RNs in the very crowded Skilled Nursing Facility market segment for the first six months so that if there is some cash flow, you will have the (false) sense that Medical Staffing Consultant’s program is valuable.

My contract called for six (6) days of on-site training of which the contract requires you pay $200 per day for travel expenses at time of contract execution. Medical Staffing Consultants sent a trainer for only four (4) days and has, at time of this writing, 2+ months later, refused to refund the difference. In addition to $1,200 for the trainer’s expenses, e.g., rental car, meals, baggage, etc., I was required to buy the airline ticket and hotel; the latter two items in addition to the $1,200. Medical Staffing Consultants is to provide receipts and refund unused travel expenses. They eventually sent the receipts, when I demanded them, but added additional costs, of which there is no receipt or explanation. They have not refunded the overpayment of expenses.

Their advertising literature states that training is conducted by “consultants” who, per contract, are an “MSC employee”, with 15-20 years’ experience “starting and operating a medical staffing company”. Jason Meyer sent a trainer who had less than 2 years’ experience and no prior business ownership. The trainer also only sold CNAs and RNs to Skilled Nursing Facilities so was not able to instruct on other aspects of the business. He had only 1 recruiter in an executive suite, had not paid himself anything, and was only at breakeven – despite Jason Meyer telling me that this trainer had a “substantial” agency but refused to elaborate on what that meant.

As Jason Meyer had drummed up this “trainer” at the last minute, the trainer advised that he didn’t have enough time to put together a training plan!

The training manuals Medical Staffing Consultants sent are designed for someone interested in running a paper-based system and deploying antiquated sales and marketing techniques. Jason Meyer calls the paper forms, “electronic” (as they were created in Excel and Word), claiming they, somehow, transfer to the software you are required to buy. Many of the documents have not been updated for years and are out of date.

I also located many of the documents on the Internet. Jason Meyer later claimed that the documents he took off the Internet, put his logo on, and sold to me are within the public domain so this was not considered plagiarism or theft. I found the documents contained in their manuals to be taken from University websites and privately-owned company websites.

Jason Meyer is the most unprofessional, arrogant, and ignorant man I’ve ever dealt with in business. He lied and screamed at me over the phone when I demanded he deliver per the contract. One interesting thing he said early on was to grill me on what work I was going to do in my business. I refused to tell him as I bought a license, not a franchise, so it is none of his business what I do with my time and my company. He insisted otherwise which tells me he is selling another type of business, e.g., franchise.

I learned Medical Staffing Consultants is/was recently involved in minimally, three lawsuits – one from another agency owner (research Suffolk County, NY court records) complaining of the same things I complained about – and the other two relating to other services Jason provided them. I don’t know the outcomes of the lawsuits. Had Medical Staffing Consultants registered their company as a business opportunity, in multiple states, they would be required to disclose the lawsuits. Claiming they are selling a license, they errantly and foolishly believe they are protected.

Jason Meyer insists, and even put in writing, that I was to sell only to Skilled Nursing Facilities for the first six months before I could sell other specialties to other types of facilities. As a licensor, Jason Meyer can’t dictate anything to the licensee. He is also not permitted by law to provide operational or marketing plans – if he does, he’s selling something else. That something else is governed by laws, all which Medical Staffing Consultants may be skirting.

The program consists of so very little as to not be worth $500 – if that. Many of their vendors are outdated or running some other angle. The contract called for the inclusion of two (2) domain names to be registered, a website, and four email addresses. The vendor Medical Staffing Consultant uses for the website, email, and domain registration, registered my domain under their name (as the owners). I had to fight to get them to transfer ownership of MY domain to me and was never provided the second domain. I set-up the emails and later had to change a name on one email. They said ‘no substitutions’ and that email was forever lost. It’s Gmail Suite, folks, so this is permitted without cost. Ridiculous. And the website they provided is straight out of 2008. I received a static 4-5 page site that I had no initial input – they just put something up there. It just shows their lack of understanding of how things work in the modern world.

If you are looking for a turnkey program, as Medical Staffing Consultants advertises, you won’t receive this. All they seem to have is an old-fashion paper-based system that limits you to a small radius from your office as their “program” requires local recruitment so prospective employees can come to your office to bring you a lot of paper that you will need to keep track of so you can give these to healthcare facilities for each employee you place. If you end up like the trainer they sent me, you will make enough to pay for some small office space and one recruiter after 2 years in business – with nothing for you. The $1 million in revenue for placing 7-8 RNs, that Medical Staffing Consultants advertises – ask Jason Meyer how he arrived at that. He’s pretty slick so verify everything that comes out of his mouth before giving him any money.

Following the disaster of a training and seeing the garbage Jason Meyer sold me, I demanded the return of my money. As they are refusing to refund overpayments for travel expenses, I doubt I will have much luck having them return my money – even though they didn’t deliver what they promised.

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  • May 13, 2019



If you don't recommend, Medical Staffing Consultants, do you have another company to recommend?



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  • Aug 9, 2019

Let's talk...

Hello to you both...

It sounds as though we have mutual interest in learning about the medical staffing industry.

Perhaps we can share insights and help each other. Who knows it could even lead to some type of collaboration.

Please reach out: [email protected]

Good luck in your evaluation!

  • Aug 9, 2019

Let's Discuss the Medical Staffing Opportunity...

To both posters above...

I have also been considering entering the medical staffing field.

It would be great to connect with others who have a similar interest.

Perhaps we can help each other - or at the very least brainstorm and gain further clarity about the opportunity.

Please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

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