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Mediation Processing Services

Country United States
State Alabama
City Jacksonville
Address 3941 Pall Mall Dr. Suite 106
Phone 904-579-3522

Mediation Processing Services Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2018

Mediation processing services called us today and asked to speak with my husband I said he isn't home what is this about. She said is this the person (said his name) dob and last 4 of ssn , I sat on the line she was very spastic as to not really able to under stand she said he owed for a loan . That we didn't take out. She then said ok good bye and hung up.

I called the number back got a different person and she said we looking for (husbands name) all though we already spoke with him just a bit ago I said no u talked to me she goes on and says she is collecting for said Loan and I said ok who is it for she said I'm sorry we don't have the original debter u do something with Court . I said we didn't take out any loans , she then said sometimes husbands take out loans with out there wife's knowing .... I said no he didn't.... then said good buy and hung up. I looked up his credit report and there is nothing on it ... fake debt ... trying to get money trying to scare us by saying there going to garnish his wages.

  • Nov 28, 2017

I have not ever gotten a cash advance in my life because my parents taught me about them early on. The lady was very rude and threatened to take me to court if I did not cancel my debt with them by paying it. I'm not paying what I know I do not owe. She verified the last 4 digits of my social which I believe its easy to get the last four digits of anyones social because of the crazy world we live in. She also verified my cell number which is also easy to look up via I own my own business. They have been calling me nonstop all year and today was the first day that I actually answered. I will be filing a report with the FBI.

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