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Media Smart Consultancy Services

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Manchester
Address Suite 139 ~ 23 New Mount Street,
Phone (0161) 212 1020

Media Smart Consultancy Services Reviews

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  • Jul 2, 2018

This company is terrible, more then likely a scam for which i fell for. They phoned me after i placed an advert on another free website. I stupidly agreed for a months trial after they said they would put my site on google and guaranteed work through the ads! i received no business from them and they took a second months payment before the end of the 30 day trial. I received no emails or any of the reports they promised. Then i get a threatening call and they basically say i owe them another months payment for breaching their terms and conditions and they want the money immediately, remember no actual contract was made. Now i have received a very aggressive letter from a firm calling themselves thomas higgins ltd Solicitors) saying they will take me to court. Am currently seeking legal advice but dont touch this company!!!

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  • Sep 6, 2018

Media Smart Consultancy Services Ltd - Dont Be Scamed

Our company also got the call claiming Media Smart Consultancy Services Ltd were working on behalf of Google THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN.

They actually wanted a debit card payment immediately without sending any paperwork so obviously we asked for a proforma which had no buisness details on whatsoever no company registration no vat no address absolutely nothing - let that ring loud alarm bells

Their sales pitch is that they will get you on page 1 of Google with Click To Call on 3 keywords of your choice and it will cost just £150 per month. Please do not give any payment details they are not secure and when asked they said after the payment they will then send the invoice. It was all very hurried they wanted immediate payment to get the service live straight away but were not willing to send over any details of what you would actually be getting and definitely no guarantees - in fact the sales woman was so desperate to get the payment we actually felt sorry for her.

Our advice is do not even think of signing up it will be a total waste of money and you will be charged far higher the following month - You would be far better getting your site searched better by a company that specializes in SEO this people are a RIP OFF DONT GET CAUGHT

  • Jul 17, 2018

Media Smart Consultancy Services - Scam, beware!!!

My business has recently been ripped off by Media Smart Consultancy Services. A very pushy sales person (Jodi) called to ask for a one time payment of £150 for a google marketing campaign. I agreed and was waiting for the promised contact by an account manager to set the ad up. No contact was made, the £150 was taken. I put the loss down experience. Then one month later another payment was taken. When i phoned to complain i was very aggressively told that i had been sent a contract and that just by receiving it i was bound by its terms. I did not actually receive any communication, contract or otherwise. I immediately called my bank to report a fraudulent transaction and they commenced a chargeback process. This successfully recovered the £150 i did not agree to. Despite Media Smart Consultancy Services accepting this chargeback i am still being chased for payment. I have also received a threatening letter from Thomas Higgins Solicitors, usual stuff like pay now to avoid extra costs / legal proceedings. Avoid this business at all costs but if you have been ripped off then do contact your bank and report the fraudulent transaction to receive a repayment. This is the banks (card issuers) responsibility.

  • Dec 21, 2017

I got in contact with this company regarding some marketing work. Every question I asked, they replied and assured me they are genuine and take pride in their work so I trusted their word and paid for the service. The minute the money was sent, things changed. They no longer answered calls or emails and had the cheek to ask me why I keep ringing for. Staff are clueless and very rude!!! They never complete work paid for and never get in contact! Ring and ask for a colleague and the guy that answers will say theyre in a meeting or finished work for the day! I have lost over £1000 with 0 positive results from it! I couldn't wait for my 30 days to be over!! The reason they only accept cards is to make it difficult for customers to claim money back! STAY AWAY from this company! They are scammers and useless!

  • Nov 24, 2017

Our business recieved a call from Media Smart Consultancy yesterday. They claimed to be working with Google. This is false. They were incredibly rude and agressive. They were in affect demainding that I take up their service.

When i declined their offer the man on the phone became agressive, raised voice, condesending and rude. I have never experienced this kind of rude cold calling. Not only is it lacking in business ethics but it lacks the very basics in human decency and respect. Also blantantly telling lies that you are affilliated with a company like Google, when you are not is completely unnacceptable.

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