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Med Loan Finance

Country United States
State Kansas
City Overland Park
Address 10515 W. 148th Terrace
Phone 800-504-4053

Med Loan Finance Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2016

I was provided information from a doctors office to utilize Medloan to get financial assistance related to a medical procedure that my fiance was having done.

Upon applying for the Medloan service I found that their loan fees seemed to be rather large considering the amount of money that was being provided.

What I find particularily fraudulent is that they don't actually provide loans but instead simply refer you to a credit card company and charge you as much as 1300 dollars for something you could have just as easily of done through a google search.

Please dont' use Medloan. Call Chase or any other credit card company that is sending you offers and use their services directly yourself instead.

Why pay Medoan 1,300 dollars when it takes the same amount of time to apply for the credit card yourself as it does to talk to Medloan on the phone.

  • Sep 28, 2015

Jim Axford with wife, Candice, et al, Robin

Axford Enterprises, Inc. dba:

Med Loan

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Funeral Loan

Dental Loan

They do not loan money! They are not a loan processing company! They gather to keep on file your private, personal info to use against you. They pimp out your info to credit card companies for a huge fee! Whether you get a credit card or not, they do not give refunds! It is so deceptive, you don't know what fee you will be charged!

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