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MCR Realty

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 561 Lorimer St
Phone 718-387-8200

MCR Realty Reviews

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  • Sep 30, 2016

We placed an offer on a short sale in March 2015 requesting EMD of $10,000. For a over a year, we waited for the short sale which we always got the run around from his assistance, Claudia Cardenas . Mario never responded nor was never able to get ahold. The house has since then foreclosed and bank owned, which I had to find on my own. After the house shows bank owned and foreclosed, two weeks later we continued to recieved emails from his assistance, "we are so close to closing the transcation." How can we be close to closing the transcation when the house now shows foreclosed and bank owned. We quickly submitted our request to cancel the transcation and for our refund. Three weeks has gone by and continue to recieved, "escrow is in the process of cancellation." It does not take that long to process the cancellation. Peter Martinez at first was responvise. Since the cancellation, he has not responded nor is able to be reach. Sick or not in the office. Only his assistant if they pick up, Rebecca Chavez continues to state we are in the process of cancellation. These people are criminals. Lets help each other to put these criminals away.

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  • Oct 31, 2016

I am also a potential victim

Were you able to get back your deposit?

  • Sep 17, 2016

Mario C Gonzalez, Peter Martinez Escrow, MCR Escrow Division, Cal took my client's $25,000 then stopped returning phone calls and emails. Cerritos California We submitted offer in December 2015 for a Short Sale property in Cerritos. After getting my client's deposit since then we were getting run around for one or another reason. We checked listing and shows On Hold / Pending for last 6 months. We recieved emails communication on and off and never solid answer. This guy and his company seems to be fradulant and I will file BRE complaint for him and against his company. His license should be suspended and action needs to be taken against his fradulant activity,

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  • Dec 20, 2016

Victim too

What is the adress of the property? We are also victims. We got accepted an offer too in cerritos short sale property dec2015. Maybe same property. Did yoj ever got

Deposit back?

The police has to stop these people from frauds

  • Jan 14, 2017

Gave a Earnest Money Deposit in Jan. 2016, escrow . Now we have no way to get hold of them. since then agent and escrow company have been giving the buyer the run around about getting refund. Cerritos California

  • Dec 20, 2016

We also gave a $10,000 earnest money deposit a year ago and have been following up with mcr every month. They are always negotiating with the short sale lender and never getting anywhere. I knew they were incompetent but didn't realize they were crooks until the last 10 days of no response to emails and phone calls and now today their phones are disconnected and then i see this Outscam and realize our money is certainly at risk.

I'm wondering if we are all in escrow on the same house!

I'm reporting them to the bureau of real estate and i suggest you all do the same. Let's see if that "no disiplinarly action" status changes.

  • Sep 9, 2016

Mario Gonzalez of MCR Realty accepted an offer from a buyer on a short sale in Long Beach in the first quarter of 2016. Per the agreement, Buyer deposited $10,000 into an escrow account with Peter Martinez of MCR Escrow Division (an affiliated company).

The only phone number listed is the office number where you will reach an assistant who never provides new information and continues to stall.

Buyer issued a cancellation 6 months into escrow after no progress was made. To date, Mario Gonzalez, Peter Martinez, or any employees have failed to reply to the cancellation request and have failed to release buyer's deposit.

All numbers affiliated with this company seem to be disconnected.

  • Jun 11, 2016

Now their phone number is disconnected and office doors locked. No one ever in office. Buyer has been defrauded of funds by this broker.

This realtor puts up homes for sale in multiple listing system for realtors, buyers come in with their deposit and transaction is on hold for months when questioned they give you the run around, escrow has cancelled iver 3 weeks ago and buyer has not received his deposit. Seller of home claims home is not for sale no one at the realty office, phone number has been disconnected. Buyer has been defrauded of $10,000 funds. This realtor should not be doing business and should be arrested for defrauding clients.

  • Jun 7, 2016

It is the same group people changed name from pride financial

Right now they changed their name and doing the same scam, do not conduct any business with them, these people will go to jail

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