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Country United States
State South Carolina
City Florence
Address 3805 W Palmetto St
Phone 843-679-0167

Mcdonalds Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

On Sunday, 2/12/22, we stopped in to the McDonalds at 834 Fort Salonga Rd, & nbsp;Northport, NY and ordered one Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, one Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich, one 20 Piece McNuggets and two Large French Fries totaling almost $28.00. & nbsp; First, we received a regular Crispy Chicken Sandwich (instead of Deluxe). & nbsp; Second, the Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich was drowning in sauce so much so that the bun was saturated and fell apart. & nbsp; Third, the chicken (both in the sandwiches and McNuggets) was dry and flavorless. & nbsp; We couldn & rsquo;t enjoy our meal and ended up throwing most of the chicken in the garbage.

We have frequented other McDonalds restaurants many, many times and never had a problem except for our recent visit to this location. & nbsp; We hope MvDonald & #39;s will & nbsp; & nbsp;address these issues and we also hope they offer some compensation for the inferior quality food we experienced at this restaurant.

Sadly, after repeatedly attempting to reach McDonald & #39;s over the past 5 weeks, they have NOT had the courtesy to return phone calls or emails. & nbsp;This is a very unprofessional way to do business!

  • Oct 23, 2020

I had an 80 dollar order, I ordered drink they gave them to me with no straws I order McNuggets and they didn’t come with sauce and I ordered 3 McDouble that I paid for and they weren’t in the bag I tried calling and the answered after the 8th call I asked for a manager and she claimed to be the manager so I told her what happened and the way she talked to me with disrespect was so unprofessional for a manager It pisses me off because I always order from here every week with over 50 dollars worth of food and that is how u treat a customer I’d rather take my business elsewhere and not here

  • Dec 24, 2019

I am an American. I have visited this McDonald"s where they did honor the online coupons. Recently I visited twice in the last 2 weeks and both times I was denied by same employee regarding the online coupons. She Claimed "SOLD OUT" on the basic French fries and drink coupons. The last time she giggled with other employee and said "SOLD OUT". Is she doing this cause I am a foreigner?

I believe it is Consumer Fraud to Lure the Customer in McDonald's and then Not Honor what they Advertise.

They Should be fined by the government.


  • Aug 2, 2019




  • Jul 5, 2019

I don't usually post stuff like this and I'm not one for complaining but this was it for me and the McDonald's in EASTMAN,GEORGIA. I haven't been there in about 8 months because my last experience with them was a horrible one.

Well today I thought I'd give it another go. I drove up to the drive thru. I had to wait about five minutes before anyone took my order. I was greeted with just "Mcdonalds" No welcome to McDonald's sorry for the wait just McDonald's. I placed my order and when I got to the first window the cashier read my order back and it was completely wrong.

I told the girl at the window it was wrong she rolled her eyes and said, In a very hateful way, "What was your order". The whole time I was giving my correct order to her she acted like it was an inconvenience to her as she kept rolling her eyes. When I drove up to the second window I was not greeted at all. After 10 minutes of waiting at the window I was told to park.

  • Jun 20, 2018

I bought a large frappe and I told them the cup was nowhere close to full. They showed me a line that says ice and said thats were the cup is suppose to be filled to. I told them that line is to let them know that's where you're supposed to fill the ice up to, when your making the drink. That's why the line says ice. At $4 a cup it should be to the top of the cup. I even took a picture of our drinks. My husband got a strawberry smoothie and his was even less than mine and then there was a lady that walked by us that had a full cup. I go to the same McDonald's everyday and every day I have a full cup so why today is it different.

  • Jan 12, 2018

McDonald Atlanitc City(31 N Arkansas Ave) I was dining in McDonal's store located @ 31 N Arkansas Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. I parked my car in parking lot for this McDonald. I was dining in approx.90 mins . This store has a policy to Dine in only for 60 mins otherwise your car will be towed. Which is ridiculous. They mentioned that there is a sign for this policy but when i looked at the sign it was wear out and not readable in the dark light over there. I have some pictures to show the proof that noone can read that sing in dark. My car was towed and towing company (Fourteen towing service) charged me $176.75 as towing charge. I felt like it is a rip off. I tried to talk to Manager in the Mcdonald store but he directed me to contact towing company or McDonald consumer affair. It was freezing cold and i was with my family there and felt it was a torture. I can present all the proof they need for investigation that the sing posted is not readable and i was dining in there. I am looking for a refund of towing charges of $176.75 from Mcdonald. This is unfair policy to dine in only for 60 mins. Towed car while dining in McDonald Atlantic City New Jersey

  • Nov 14, 2017

McDonald's Restaurant Corporation, a world-wide corporation makes it difficult to cash-in on their 2 for 1 sandwich or meal promotion. Here's what McDonald's does: You buy a sandwich. On your receipt is printed: "COMPLETE A VOICE SURVEY. Give US HIGHLY SATISFIED AND GET BUY ONE SANDWICH AND GET ONE FREE. Go to within 7 days and tell us about your visit. (Get validation Code, put on your receipt, take to ? McDonald's to cash in on their offer.

Now, my complaint: I took two receipts each with validation code numbers on each of them. Oh, No! You can't use both validated receipts, only one of them. I would have to wait 2 hours then come back to cash-in on the 2nd. 2 for 1 validated receipt. Or, I could bring someone with me on the first visit to use the second validated 2 for 1 receipt. I was told, 'It is corporate policy...' McDonald's Corporate Customer Complaint Dept. 1-800-244-6227 told me: 'It is up to the franchise owner whether it will allow 2 validated receipts to be used at one time.' The franchise owner/manager told me: 'It is corporate policy not to allow 2 2 for 1 validated recipts to be cashed-in at one time.' McDonald's Headquarters told me: 'It is up to the restaurant owner/manager to allow nor not allow 2 validated receipts to be used at one time.' They can't get their facts straight. The bottom line is that McDonald's really doesn't want any customer presenting 2 validated 2 for 1 receipts at trhe same time. They force a customer to either wait 2 hours or come back another day to cash-in the second 2 for 1 validated receipt. The Terms and Coniditions of McDonald's policy is not printed on the receipt. So what that the customer is forced to come back to cash-in the second validated receipt. We are just chump customers. Get out of the way. The Franchise Owner isn't making any money on the 2 for 1 promotion offer. It is obvious that McDonald's Corporation forces the Franchise owner to give the customer a receipt with the 2 for 1 offer printed on it. But, it doesn't state the restrictions as to when a customer can cash-in a second or third or fourth validated 2 for 1 receipt. McDonald's and the Franchisee both could care less if you or I are inconvenienced requiring you or me to come back 2 hours later or the next day to cash-in a 2 for 1 validated receipt. They could be accommodating and allow 2 validated receipts to be cashed at the same time. On several occasions I was allowed to cash-in 2 2 for 1 validated receipts. But, not today.

So, I spent a half an hour on the phone talking to McDonald's Customer Complaint Dept and suprervisor, to no avail. We have to remember, we are just one among millions of customers. McDonald's really doesn't give a d**n if you or anyone else is inconvenienced by their We Don't Give a d**n about true customer service. 'Move on pal, you are cosing the franchisee time and money expecting that you can cash-in 2 2 for 1 validated receipts on one trip to the restaurant. We are just chumps. If you or I don't like their 'Get lost, pal' we don't give a d**n about you' attitude, tough luck, MOVE ON!! So, I hope several million people will learn about McDonald's corporate 'Don't Give a d**n' attitude about whether you or anyone else is told to shove it, move on! attitude. It would be a shame if you used up a hundred paper napkins next time you visit a McDonald's restaurant.

  • Oct 17, 2017

McDonald's restaurant on Kingston Rd in Toronto, Ontario informed me that they do not serve pizza or ribs anymore. Many people really miss these menu items. Please start complaining to McDonald's if you agree.

  • Aug 23, 2017

On August 20th I purchase a cup of coffee through the drive-thru using my debit card. The next day I try to get some money for my card my funds were insufficient. I called to check the details of my card and it stated that I did purchase that one cup of coffee but in addition I use another $8 at McDonald's which I didn't use and an additional $65 at a Red Lobster which I never used. I'm here visiting from another state that's the only place I ever used my card was that McDonald's. What's disturbing to me is at the end of my receipt it shows my balance and the thief actually stole within the balance. I went back to the McDonald's to address them about the situation and they called the police on me and had me escorted from the building. The police would not take a report for me which I don't understand all I wanted to know was who had my card so I can make a personal report against that individual. I can't let this go they took all I had I'm on Social Security I won't have anything until the 3rd of the month this is not right. I called the corporate office they try to pretend like they have never heard of such a thing but I look online and they're all kind of cases of how they have done these things. Corporate said oh this has never happened here I say but there's a first time for everything and it's happening because it happened to me they are trying to brush me off and its not Fair. The police was called not to help but to intimidate me but I'm not in trouble so I didn't leave why can't I question them about what was done to me but eventually I had to leave

  • Jun 5, 2017

If you ever get a job here, congratulations! You beat an illegal alien to the job! But more special is the fact that if you get in, you will work with the most irresponsible and uncaring people ever. For example, you know that grill that’s used to cook your burger? Well I saw Jose clean it with Windex, let that sink in for little bit. They food is not even remotely fresh we cook it hours before you order and even if the food looks bad we will still sell it to you. If you eat here you are going to get sick at some point, if you work here you can clearly do better! Management does not care and will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat because your expandable. Never work here!

  • Apr 5, 2017

B R E A K I N G N E W S ! ! ! ! ! !


McDonald's West Sound Offices: Food-Poisoning Incident Reported Yet Remains Unresolved & Suspended Via Obfuscation Campaign Ostensibly Perpetrated By Corporate Principals In League With Customer Service Department Personnel


I arrived at the Belfair, Washington, McDonald's Restaurant on Friday evening, February 17, 2017, and ordered then consumed two of the newly-introduced "Mac Jr." sandwiches, and in the course of apx. 90 minutes thereafter, I tragically began feeling the telltale food-poisoning progression symptoms -- and later-on the resultant devastating after-effects -- of said dreadful foodborne illness. Sans the all too well-known classic gory details, just let me state-for-the-record that none of it was pretty, to be absolutely certain. The ugly outcome was highly-debilitating: I became so increasingly violently ill, nauseous, and weak, that I had to resign myself to nearly constant occupation of my bathroom ….. essentially taking-up residence and suffering on the toilet for hours-upon-hours -- disabled and wracked with stomach-cramping and attendant severely agonizing pain and unrelenting intensive nausea ..... the likes of which I have not experienced for as long as I can remember. Following a few days of appetite loss, electrolyte-replacement-therapy, general weakness, upset stomach, sore and tender abdomen, cold-sweats, pallor, dizziness, and overall lethargic malaise, I was finally able to recover from the severe extreme ravages of the vile toxic event and its disgusting horrible aftermath.

In adding-insult-to-injury -- as if things weren’t bad enough already -- per normal expected corporate procedure, McDonald's representatives and brass insisted that their Belfair restaurant was found to be operating "at standard" with no signs of contamination sources discovered -- for whatever that "internal" investigation's dismissive, biased, and thus questionable outcome is worth. Moreover, at no time, to this very date, within the clumsy protracted course of this protracted supposed investigation and resolution disposition process -- has anyone representing McDonald's or their affiliates ever once reached-out to me in true humane fiduciary fashion, i.e., failing to demonstrate at least some reasonable semblance of common-decency -- and likewise concern and courtesy -- by not even asking me how I was doing, how I was feeling, and/or offering any form of believable compassion, sympathy, apology ..... or even so much as just simply wishing me well in my recovery from illness. Such a cavalier approach so demonstrative of arrogance and disregard represents something I will long remember as shameful on their part. To that end, theirs is all disgrace …. in this innocent injured everyman-consumer’s humble opinion.

In all truth, the aforementioned convoluted abomination of a messy situation has given rise to development of a much more complicated than need be type of unnecessarily draconian scenario: Distressing. Dispiriting. Disheartening. Disturbing. Deplorable. Disgusting!!!!

In the interest of expounding upon a critical theme, as apropos, I am duly compelled to state that McDonald’s Corporation -- and McVicker, Inc.dba West Sound McDonald’s -- have patently exhibited: (1) apparent contempt for a Consumer Food-Poisoning Complaint Report, (2) ostensible involvement in running their “Corporate Playbook” chapter-and-verse, by-the-numbers, in perpetrating classic evasive “Runaround Treatment” against an innocent injured consumer, and (3) likely employing active stalling-tactics and stumbling-blocks in order to effect delays in administering duly just resolution of the matter, and therefore leaving it to linger, thus languish, in suspended on-hold status -- and thus yet unresolved-- while insisting upon remaining elusive, evasive, deceptive, and likewise incommunicado.

All aforementioned abusively-vindictive madness constitutes a public rip-off of a certain unique and special untoward nature and proportion in-terms of giving rise to establishment and furtherance of sadly-diminishing public trust and favor, leading to loss of consumer faith and confidence in the ubiquitous McDonald’s organization image, brand ….. and perhaps even the infliction of damage upon that longstanding common “household-word” of a widespread-renowned iconic institution overall. Dereliction of fiduciary responsibility, accountability, transparency, due-diligence and duty -- coupled with their apparent tendency toward exhibiting a formidable modicum of customer disrespect and unspeakable contempt for public health, safety, and overall consumer well-being -- only serves to project cavalier disregard and consummate arrogance to the shameful degree of reflecting poor credit upon the McDonald’s Corporation, iconic brand, and institutional reputation. Only time will tell-the-tale as to whether said poor credit becomes deserved.

  • Oct 24, 2016

I stopped by the McDonald's located at 3026 N. Hampton Road, I Dallas, TX 75212 to buy something to eat and charge my phone (which was completely dead). Around 7:45 pm. While at the register I asked staff what time did they close and the manager said at 9 pm. As I was heading out of town on an emergency and realized I had left my car charger at home while rushing out the house I decided to charge my phone while I ate and figured I would stay until 9 pm. My food came at 8 pm and at 8:35 I finished eating. At this point a heavy set black female security guard, who had been strangely watching me all the while I was there and acting very odd walked up with keys in her hand. She told me to leave the restaurant as the manager had given her the keys and told her to lock up. It was at 8:40 pm when she said this, I looked up confused because the manager had told me the restaurant closed at 9 pm. So I asked her why was I asked to leave before the advertised closing time. She then became very rude and nasty and told me 'you not suppose to sit in here all day. You're suppose to eat your food and get out'! I was shocked by this and walked to the front where I spoke to the restaurant manager about how I had been treated. The manager seemed clueless as to why I was told to leave and reiterated the restaurant closes at 9 pm. But I noticed she never said anything to correct the security guard. So I just decided to leave. I asked for the name and number of the store franchisee and the manager, another black woman, looked at me and said she didn't know the franchisees name or number. I found it unbelievable that the manager wouldn't know who she answered to. I then asked for the number to the corporate office and the manager said she didn't have that number either and she didn't make an attempt to even find the number. By this time other customers had walked in and were sitting down to eat and the security guard did not approach them. Also during this time, the security guard had walked back up towards me and was screaming for me to leave while the manager stood by timidly and didn't say anything. I paid almost $10.00 for my meal and could not believe how I was being treated. To make matters worse I had found what appeared to be a water cockroach cooked in with my fries that staff swore was a burned overly cooked fry but the d**n thing had legs. I simply threw them away rather than deal with the type of staff I had noticed this restaurant had. I told the security guard I had never been told there was a time limit on eating and that I was simply charging my phone. There was ample seating in the restaurant. The security guard then told me, in front of this clueless, timid manager, that I had stopped eating (she had evidently timed me) and that customers get "30 minutes to eat and then they need to leave". UNBELIEVABLE. At this point I asked the security guard for her company's name and she simply turned and walked off. As I was gathering my things I told the employee that the security guard would not give me her companies name and the mcdonalds manager said she didn't know what company the security guard worked for and this little juvenile employee ran to the security guard who had walked in the restroom screaming "she say you wouldn't give your companies name" which prompted the security guard to walk out the restroom screaming at me that I was creating a 'disturbance' and to "get out the restaurant now!" All I did was ask for her company's name which she refused. The security guard them dialed 911 for the police to come and have me thrown out the restaurant I had just spent $10.00 to eat at because I didn't leave after 30 minutes. The name on the security guards shirt said 'DARPA' but I can't find a contact number for the company. Also to make matters worse, this type of rude customer service from this security guard is apparently the 'norm' because one of the workers told me the guard speaks to everyone in a rude manner. I think this is a Roland Parrish restaurant (Parrish restaurants LTD) and if so he really needs to shake up management. This is no way to treat a customer and from I see in the reviews this restaurant has a reputation for poor service.

  • May 19, 2016

We visited our local McDonald's in the last week of March 2016. We went for breakfast and ordered the breakfast burritos with no cheese. The manager Kristina told me that they can't make them with no cheese and that if she did it for us she would have to do it for everyone and that she was concerned with food costs and McDonald's bottom line not what the customer wanted. I called the corporate office while we were in line and complained as she stated she was a manager there and that the GM was backing her. We visited that McDonald's again on April 23 2016 and ordered two burritos with cheese and two burritos with no cheese...with the same manager who just happened to be the person taking the order. We consumed these at 1030am. By 1pm I started feeling sick and by 2pm I couldn't stop throwing up. By 5pm my husband couldn't stop throwing up. We contacted McDonald's after going to the doctor and they confirmed it was a foodbourne illness. McDonald's told us since we were the only people who complained that day that our claim is unsubstantiated and that they will not do anything about it. I guess they stand behind their employees there who retaliate against customers who complain.

  • May 11, 2016

If the issues raised by the documentary Super Size Me aren't enough to steer you away from this place, perhaps this will be. Bear in mind, in this report, I am being particularly careful to only state what can be proven. There may or may not be more things that I want to say but can't because of potential legal consequences if I can't prove it.

I am a former employee of Ry-Marc Corporation, a McDonald's franchise in Port Charlotte, Florida which is a subsidary or Mar-Land Management based in Punta Gorda, Florida. While employed there, I observed various food safety violations. I observed food products improperly stored in a manner that could lead to contamination. Upon my departure from the company, I reported these issues to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (often referred to as "the health department" in the restaurant business). I also reported the establishment for having cockroaches.

Upon receiving my complaint, DBPR dispatched an inspector to the location. As you can see at, the inspector found three "high priority" violations related to the storage of food products, along with four "basic" violations. The violations were not enough to require a follow-up visit or the closure of the restaurant, but they were there just as I reported. The inspector was unable to find any roaches. While you should take unverifiable accusations with a grain of salt, I am not the first employee to raise issue with pest problems; another unknown employee contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2015 (or was is 2014?) about insect issues prior to my employment with the company, accusing the company of having bug problems and not having pest control. I know this because I saw a notice from OSHA posted in the break room. I do not believe OSHA performed an on-site inspection. It's also not the first time I complained about insect issues; while in high school, I complained to both Mar-Land's corporate office and DBPR about a cockroach that I allegedly encountered in an iced coffee. Again, take that allegation with a grain of salt because DBPR didn't find any roaches.

  • Apr 18, 2016

I'm brazilian and I was in holidays in Spain, where I bought two Mc Nifico Menu. I used the machine with my debit card for doing my order ( for me and my sister together), and when I took it the worker took away my fiscal note so I had just stayed with the cupom for the two deserts ( simple cone ice cream) but when I was taking the desert with another attendant I noted that the machine put just one ice cream, but I paid for two menus (there is the price on my card cupom). So I tried to talk with the attendant and explain what was happening (how anybody spoken English I spoke in Portuguese), but she was very rude with me and almost said that I was trying to steal!!! I was very upset and without reaction because I really paid and deserved at least trying to explain. I had to say a lot of times that I was telling the true, because she treated me like a thief. Then she talked with another woman and gave me the two ice creams, but I heard they said something about Brazilians, so I'm deeply offended after all they treated me and my country with a offensive way. I didn't hope something like that from McDonald's and I and all my family are really upset with this situation.

  • Mar 26, 2016

I have heard from multiple people that the customers who go through the drive thru. The employees take pictures of a few of the customers Credit Cards with their smart phone they make online purchases later on.

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