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Marzola & Ruiz Law Group

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 170 S Green Valley Pkwy Suite 300
Phone 1 702-707-4878

Marzola & Ruiz Law Group Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2021

Yvonne Ruiz is a rookie lawye in las Vegas area who ued to work at Standish lawfirm. She is doing all the dirty work if standish law firm under her lawfirm name to mislead the court systemt that she is filing on behalf of Marzola nd Ruiz where as a mtter of fact she is just filing for Standish law firm and on behalf of thomas standish law firm.

Keep in mind Thomas Standish from Standish law firm and phillip from standish law firm are two of the biggest scums on earth in family court in las vegas clark county. they pay off judges and in case like mine that there is conflict thet remove themselve from the case and bring in Yvonee Ruiz as susbtitude to do their dirty work and be corrupt with the family court judges so the conflict of the interest is COVERED at least to the eye of the beholders.

Yvonne ruiz should be disbarred for such practices and thomas has committed perjury in the supreme ocurt of nevada. These lawyers are corrupt. bottom feeders and watch out for your pockets.

DO NOT HIRE THIS LAWYER or LAW FIRM and do NOT hire Standish law firm, Thomas or Phillip you want to go to jail or are willing to deal with corrupt fraud lawyers who will sell their mothers for a penny.

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