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Country United States
State California
City Temecula
Phone 951-972-6752

Marty Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2018

This is embarrassing, as I know little about this guy 'Marty'. I live in a senior citizen neighborhood and when my transmission went out in my toyota , my neighbor said she knew a mobile mechanic named Marty, who could come look at my car and he was a really nice, decent guy who could be trusted to not overcharge. He had done work on 2 cars in the neighborhood already. I called him and he said it was probably the transmission and for $200.00 he would take it apart and find out for sure. So he did and I gave him the money. He said he could find a transmission online. He did and he said it would be $250.00 for that and he would drive to San Diego in the morning. So I gave him another $250.00 for that. Just to note he took my car apart in stages and would show up late and unannounced in the evening, with Jaqueline by his side. He also had other friends that showed up and did nothing. I never asked for his business license, last name , I went on neighbors that said he was great. Stupid looking back. I was to give him another $350.00 when he finished the job. I had borrowed $200 and the rest was all the savings I had and he knew it! Anyway, he and his girlfriend never came back and he immediately shut off his phone. My car is taken apart and in my drive way, with the parts all over my garage. I called the police, but they wouldn't even hear what happened they just said I have to take him to small claims court. He told all of us he had a shop in Temecula, which is not true. I did a phone look up on him and it was under someone elses name. He drove a black compact car. He stated he turned 55 in July. He had light brown short hair and blue eyes, medium wt and height. His girlfriend has black hair and brown eyes, curvy build. She said her parents own a nearby horse ranch off of Scott offramp on the 215. That is sadly all I know. I am 65 and dumb evidently. I don't think I will ever find him, but I would hope my story could help someone else NOT be a victim of these scammers!

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