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Martins Jackson

Country United States
State Ohio
City Perrysburg
Address 385 Commodore Way APT 1
Phone 419-845-5385

Martins Jackson Reviews

  • May 22, 2018

Since 4/16/2018, a loan agreement was concluded in the name of Eagle Loan Company and the officer name Micciulla Daniel J.

However, the company never complied the delivery of loan $700K since the date of loan agreement. The officer Micciula continued fraudulent business conducts by telling, "You now must pay additonal fee prior to loan disbusement and the new fee is such such such. I promise immediately after the fee paid, the loan shall be deivered in 1 hour". The same words repeated 21 times since the date of loan agreement, but 21 times after the fees paid no loan had been delivered.

Since 5/22, a gmail was sent to us in the name of Martins Jackson President of Eagle Loan Company.

He started to say, " I noticed your loan has not been delivered since 4/16 and found internal misconducts by Miciulla who fraudulently collected much fees from you. I would wlike to rectify our erros and correct it to the right way.".

He kept pretending as if he were the prosident and had absolute authority to recify the wrongs and corrective actions shall be taken.

However, in means of "fast delivery of stranded loan" he quoted us to pay additional $1,350 as loan compensation fee. There was no sense that we a victimized client shall pay any additional money to the lender that harmed client. So the proposal was rejected. Then he started to negotiate the amount of fee reducing gradually gradually up to $200 to deliver the loan fund today. But he never wanted to accept their wrongful conducts by defaulting the delivery of loan over 21 times so far.

In any normal common sense, the vendor that caused inconvenience and even harms to client must first apologize to client, and offer damage compensation payment or similar benefit. But, the guy naming himself as President never tried to accept his fault and elimination of such ridiculous fees requested.

It seems this is a group of scammers pretending as if they were under the Eagle Loan Company that actually exisits. Today's scam attempt failed, but so far the total fee stolen rose to $7,980.

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