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Marti Goldstein P.A

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 1600 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Marti Goldstein P.A Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2018

I seeked legal help for my divorce settlement online . Initially the offices of Ayo And Iken located in Tampa Florida and arranged a Free Consult . But only to be rerouted to Marti Goldstein in Dade county Florida that claimed to be affiliated with such professionals. Throughout the " Free Consult” I was mislead Marti Goldstein P. A. , a Dade County Florida Lawyer made many false promises initially, but once she received my funds 12000$ in cash that she demanded for retainer, she worked very little on placing me in front of any judicial authority which led to endless billing only for her own benefit. Upon further review, my personal accountant reviewed all financial statements. He brought to my attention that there had been numerous Double Billing and unrelated charges for many unknown issues, as she took it upon herself to bill as she pleased. Perhaps Most disturbingly is her initial promises of the desire to settle for a mutually agreed-upon amount however this was far in excess to our agreed amount , which had originally been $350 per hour but often as much of $550 to $750 per hour My accountant reviewed the billing & noticed these deceitful accounting issues, Which had been quickly brought to her attention , however led to no further actions, other than an immediate email stating " her desire to withdraw from my case.” Upon asking for any portion of refund since there have been absolutely no services provided Marti Goldstein Esq simply refused and will not even take my calls I have reached out to the Florida Bar Association, Attorney General and also the offices of Ayo And Iken PLC . I have chosen a new law firm that has years of experience whereas Attorney Marti Goldstein Had no proven track record , and more than a hand full of cases , made false promises regarding the outcome of my case and the end result: of a total loss of $12,500 and Time My case remains in limbo and over a year later. The secretary of Mr. Ayo, Melanie , Informed my lawyer that she is on top of these wrongful actions that have been taken with the assurance of a more desirable outcome.” For now I must suffer the monetary loss of over $12,500 due to Goldstein’s unethical behavior.

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