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Marten Transport, Ltd.

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Mondovi
Address 129 Marten Street
Phone (800) 395-3000

Marten Transport, Ltd. Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2018

Dirty company. Pay on a sliding scale.. Dispatcher got mad cause I was too tired to drive.. Sent info to HR and a lady in Memphis terminated me through a voice conversation when I was parked in Tampa, FL.. Company got crazy dispatchers in Atlanta and a few terminal guys are rude.. Shop guys don't know how to fix on trucks..Trucks run slow over hills. The torque is turned down on all their trucks.. Shop manager don't know about trucks.. Marten is s dirty company.. Crazy and strict rules.. Worse like Walmart.. I would not refer a bad driver to go to Marten..

  • Mar 24, 2018

Marten is a company that likes to retaliate. I answered a survery I received online from Marten, I also filed a wage claim with the State of Texas against Marten, case No. 18 052464-9; after I received the notice of the wage claim Marten started to retaliate. I was taken off my account and placed on southwest regional, which I was often sent outside of that region.

I was finally terminated for what they say is leaving my truck in a parking lot while at home. I have documented and photographed other Marten trucks parked in similar places but that seems to be okay.

Marten's equipment is all automatic, governed to 64mph, they will tell you 65mph and gutless as a Honda pulling a house. This company is 100% self insured, truck, medical, and unempployment insurance, so they are very anal about things, care nothing about you the driver, will not ask you to do things but will demand you do what they say; failure to do so will result in some very serious retaliation.

Would not recomend this company to anyone, Companies turnover rate is in excess of 110%.

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