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Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 4060 Peachtree Rd. Ste 647
Phone 800-628-1460

Martech5 Reviews

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  • May 16, 2017

I employed the services of Martech 5 for a telemarketing campaign a few months back. I had purchased a list of 40,000 names based on certain criteria such as net worth, income, etc. 5000 calls went out each week via auto dialer. When person would respond I would receive notice of a call transfer to my email with a recording of the call the next day. Out of all the calls I received less then 30 transfers and of those over half did not speak english when I followed up. Of those that did speak english just about everyone did not request or want any information. Also there were only about 4 voice recordings whom had left their address on where to send information. If you plan on getting leads for your business then my advise is to not use Martech 5 for marketing purposes. You might as well take your hard earned money and burn it.

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  • Jan 15, 2020

How are they still in business ???????????

Refer to review above dated 12/15/2019 which says it ALL. I also had similar dealings with David, Jay and Joellen. Signed up with them in the Fall of 2018 when I prepaid $800 for 10,000 leads @8 cents each and they would get a piece of the action when I make a sale of various insurance products ( life, health etc ). About 15 months later ( Believe it or not ) No good leads and ZERO sales. I've been in the insurance business for 25 years and made a MISTAKE and WASTED $800 AND MY TIME. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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  • Dec 15, 2019

Should have known better.

Was called for several months by martech5 to provide marketing services to my company. I was extremely leery but, I spoke with the owner David Andre (probably not real name) who seems well spoken and guaranteed a strong return on investment being that he was so good on the phone.

He even gave me 2 names of satisfied clients of his, who I reached out to and they told me how great it is to work with Martech5. (must be family memebers) Paid $1000 for outbound call marketing in which David never calls anyone, all robocalls. First lie. I have lead lists with 500k names and numbers but, he couldn't use that, I had to buy leads from a company in Boston, who turned out to be his son at his company (ridiculous) 2nd lie.

It started with David Andre sending me to his outbound call specialist son in law Jay Brown. who set me up with time slot to do calls for 2 hours, one day per week. I explained to them this would not work and i was told it could run everyday. Another lie. So after 3 weeks with no results, I called David, with him being so busy it's very hard to get him on phone after you pay, lol.

Finally get him on phone, he tells me to be patient all will work out, He says he's going to do this and that,to make sure t works. So I'm patient for 3 months, nothing comes in, honestly not one call. So back to trying to call David. This time he calls me back after a week of calling everyday and tells me he is putting his best person on this--Joe Ellen. and Joe Ellen would be calling my list herself and sending leads over of interested potential clients.

Nothing for 2 -3 weeks then I start getting a spreadsheet with 2 or 3 leads on it every other week for about 1.5 months. Business name location phone number . I think great this will work out, until i try calling these so called leads. No one at these locations have any idea who I am, who Joe ellen is, who martech5 is, nor do they want my services.

I had one "hot" lead that was a switchboard operator with 2700 employees, of course i have no name of who to talk to so defeats the purpose. 6 months total dealing with them, not one deal to speak of. Not once during this time, did this company reach out to ask how things were going, I had to try and track them down constantly.

Bottom line --scam artist company. I honestly don't think they did any marketing whatsoever. You would have better luck throwing a dart at the yellow pages. Tried for months to get David to call me back with no luck, so I eventually gave up.

Any marketing company you hire that shows no interest in helping out your business or following up at all--is not a legit marketing company. It's been 4 months since this happened, I honestly almost let them slide but, I don't want anyone else to make same mistake I made so Beware of this scam company.

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  • Feb 13, 2020

Should Have Know Better Also

Only difference is I had to pay $800 up front for 10,000 "leads" at 8 cents each. My program started around Nov 2018 and ended a month or 2 ago. Zero "hot" leads. What a waste !!!!

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  • Dec 19, 2016

David told me they do Live Lead Transfer after an intermediary answers the robo all. Then his employee, Jay, said at first people press 1 and it goes directly to me. I have already done that with an outfit from Manhattan which failed.

If that does not work, he will have an intermediary respond to the calls. Then email me. I already do that. A complete waste of $250. Luckily I was able to stop payment on the check. Definetly try elsewhere.

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  • Apr 15, 2020

Not a scam

If you line 10 people up in a row and give them a gold bar, someone is going to complain. I need cash, it weighs to much, where can I sell it etc, etc. Martech5 is a very good company that I use and get great results from. I see 5 or 6 complaints of the many hundreds of customers they might have and realize like a lot of people who complain on things like this, is that they had much higher expectations then what the company would do for them. You know like I'm going to do this and retire with all the money I make. It's advertising and there are a lot of variables in advertising. Martech5 is a good company, don't be persuaded by a couple of customers who blamed Martech5 for doing a bad job. It's not that they were doing a bad job, it's that YOUR message was bad.

  • Aug 28, 2020

Not A Scam,,,,Really

You must be a family member or equivalent to feel that way. PERIOD

  • Oct 24, 2019

Total Scam

Tried doing business with this guy, but he's simply a scam artist. DO NOT even talk to these people.

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