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Country United States
State Florida
City Sunrise
Address 12801 W Sunrise Blvd
Phone 1 954-846-0881

Marshalls Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2018

We are very sad to have to write this but it appears the level of reasonality is not prevalent here.

While we realize mistakes happen and not every retailer can compete with online we respect that its possible to have a isolated circumstance or two. That said the level of stupidity shown by this compan is appalling.

On more than 5 occasions we caugh marshalls ripping people off namely in showing their "compare to" price.

This is not an isolated case as it happened to our family more than 5 times now. So... We decided to call head office and seeing as at the store level there was no empowerment.

After a complete hassle of giving them codes and item numbers off the product bought they said they'd get back to us and they did.

Our concern was quite simplistic. They took a bottle of colonge and stated a price that it does not sell for namely saying $89.

99 marked it down to 69.99. So we like everyone else thought it seemed reasonable but we just wanted to see reviews seeing as we couldnt smell it. A quck search and on with free shipping it was 10% less.

On the other items previously marshalls retail price was no where to be listed and the products were 25% less.

Case and point, don't believe what they post its not correct. In all fairness they said we called ___________ and it sell for this amount there. But we don't care what it sells for anywhere else except where we saw it listed on an well estabilished site for less.

Marshalls has a website so its frivolous to say "we can't compete with" this is an american company that is open in canada so if anything they should be able to compete.

Finally we are talking about a measlily $7 here what would it have taken for them to match this? Its quite silly to have to even post this review here as its more about principle. They could have thrown us a gift card for $5-10 had us back in the store happy and shopping but that would be pulling teeth here. Ill trained staff that can't read between the lines and keep someone happy let alone someone tha was shopping their weekly. Needless to say were going to put an end to this and start looking elswhwere. They have certainly lost our trust and respect as to the way this was handled. Be aware. Don't believe their "compare at" bs pricing. Its misleading and completely dishonest.

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