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Marshal Shichtman & Associates, P.C.

Country United States
State New York
City Carle Place
Address 1 Old Country Rd #360
Phone 516-741-5222

Marshal Shichtman & Associates, P.C. Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2016

If you looking for a fake, scam Your complete corporate, securities and finance resource then contact with Marshal Shichtman & Associates

I hired Marshal Shichtman & Associates after doing my diligence to find the right attorney to represent me in my case. We agreed on the approach and strategy up front and I felt good with his confidence in being able to help me. So I paid him $21,000 of his very expensive $25,000 retainer that he required up front, and then he completely failed to honor our agreement and follow our strategy.

Instead of advocating for my best interests as he was hired to do, he withdrew his representation without fair warning when I needed him the most through this process. His withdrawal caused me a serious injustice and completely compromised my case at a crucial time that he agreed would be his responsibility. I may not be able to recover from his actions and I am so devastated with this injustice when he seemed to be the right attorney to wrap this case up for me.

After paying a whopping $21,000, he only contributed a minimal effort worth about $5000 based on his rates. After this very negative outcome, I asked him to refund me the majority of the retainer or to perform the work as we had agreed, but he refused to do either and he proceeded to withdraw from the case. I really needed that money back to try and find another lawyer and I'm not sure what to do now. I just cannot believe this turned out to be so negative when he was so confident he could help me before taking my money. Marshal Shichtman & Associates does not appear to be who he claims, he talks a good story up front but then doesn't follow through on the agreement. If you are looking for justice in our legal system, I would find someone else to represent you.

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