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Marquardt Property Management

Country United States
State California
City Oakland
Address 4164 MacArthur Blvd
Phone 510-530-2050

Marquardt Property Management Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2016

I was employed in a management position with this organization for several years, 2006 to 2010, and while I was not always on board with their business practices, I got paid on time and the checks didn't bounce. I worked as a manager for their San Antonio Hotel, then as a marketing and revenue manager for both hotels after the Corpus Christi property was acquired.

Since my work was primarily online, I agreed to leave direct employment and became a contractor and consultant from 2010 to 2013. I worked from my home office, a bedroom in an old mobile home which I remodeled into a state-of-the-art workspace and studio. The mobile home was located on property owned by the hotel owners, at an RV Park where a dozen or so other older mobile homes were also located. I bought the mobile home from the hotel/rv park owners, in particular, Greg Markwardt.

I paid $10,000 over 2.

5 years, and spent $30,000 on maintenance and renovations. When I finished paying it off, 6 months ahead of schedule, I asked for a legal document showing ownership. I asked several times over two years, but never received it.

I learned that the ome had been abandoned on the property, that ten years' ad valorem taxes and penalties had accrued, and that the Markwardts did not own the home, and it was under seizure procedures by the Tax Assessor's Office. This information was news to me, but I learned it too late. The location (Dixie Kampground RV Park) was being sold and I was to be evicted by the new owners from the home I had lived in for 5 years.

I attended the hearing, and the judge refused to hear my defense. She simply told me to shut up, and ruled for the new owners, since my written response was detailed and raised a number of issues she was not prepared to consider. I tried to appeal, and instead of following the appellate procedure, the same judge denied the appeal.

I was already out, since every service and utility had been discontinued, and every person coming to my home stopped and harassed. My mail was marked "moved, no forwarding address" and UPS and Fedex told I had been evicted months earlier, even while I was on the phone with the drivers.

These are slumlords and hoarders who made a fortune in real estate taking advantage of the section 8 and FEMA voucher-holding evacuees from Katrina, and whose morals are questionable. They stopped paying my invoices when they became aware that I was onto the entire fraud scam, and left me with another $30,000 in unpaid billing.

Altogether I worked hard for 9 years for them, and in the end was treated like garbage.

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