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Marko Nikolic

Country United States
State Illinois
City Oak Brook
Address 1100 Jorie BLVD
Phone 786 218 2335

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  • Jul 12, 2020

Name of scammers:

1.Marko Nikolic

2.Maja Nikolic

Marko and Maja are siblings and they live in the west suburbs of Chicago.


Their office is at 1100 Jorie BLVD in Oak Brook , Illinois.

At this location they are running their scam business.


Their main source of income are credit card scams and government loans.

They are running a credit card cash payout scam. Victims are led to believe that they can cash out their credit cards and get away with it , in reality Marko and Maja take the credit cards , charge them through a POS system that is under a different name , and after they collect the cash they call the victim and pretend to be an FBI agent who needs to speak to the person who`s cards are maxed out.

Victims ussualy run back immediately to their home country leaving Marko and Maja hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Their new scam is connected with government loans and grants , which i do not know much about.

I will post an update soon as i get more informations about their new scam. From what i`ve heard they are using the PPP program to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars completely illegaly.

Watch out people , they will sweet talk you into their scams and rip you off ,it happened to me and i am hoping that these crooks will be brought to justice.

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