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Mark My Words Media

Country United States
State Alabama
City Treasure Island
Address 11120 8th st E
Phone 727-493-5166

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  • Apr 7, 2019

I complained to the Florida Attorney General, The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission because They filed a frivolous lawsuit against my company claiming "Implied Authority" after an unauthorized contract was cancelled.

I never authorized the commitment and when I learned of it I notified them immediately to cease all services! They have continued to harass my company seeking financial damages for work they did not perform, nor can they prove they did anything for my company... We have asked multiple times to no avail.

To date they have caused THOUSANDS of dollars in lost wages, legal fees etc. etc. The owners son verbally threated my wife and I, stating "he would burn us to the ground" if we didnt pay. This company needs to be shut down and the owner needs to be dealt with by the proper authorities!

I shopped what they are claiming my company owes them to learn that they are gouging the industry charging almost 3 times what larger and more qualified companies charge. I offered to explore their services if they could gaurentee what they were promising... the owner stated he would gaurentee a thing and that if I didnt pay up, he was going to pursue me to the ends of hell!!!

I wouldnt use this company if I was begging for leads or SEO Services... this company is a sham. BE CAREFUL!!!

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