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Mark Laplant

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Phone 813 496-3039

Mark Laplant Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2021

I took delivery of my brand new Tesla Model Y 2021 in March in Tampa, FL. On pickup the car was filthy and covered in pollen so I didn't have the best opportunity to fully inspect the car. After taking the car home and washing it I noticed several scratches on the right side windows. I drove the car 50 miles to my house and called them the next day.. we scheduled an appointment for me to bring it in the next day and they then re-scheduled for 8 days later.

Mark Laplant the service manager at Tesla in Tampa oversees all of this and it was his idea to push back the appointment. Tesla has a 3 day window in their contract after pickup for them to make good on any imperfections - in this case it came with scratched windows. Finally the service appointment arrives and I bring in the car for them to tell me that I somehow caused the damage and they're not responsible.. saying that I've had it over 3 days and driven over 200 miles so it's not their problem.. Last week I was en route (3 days after dropping car off) to pick up my car and pay them additional money for receiving a damaged car, and they call me to say that during the install one of the windows shattered and caused damage to the outside paint.

Over text in the app they say that they will 'take care of all the service during this visit' and I called and spoke to 2 people there at Tesla service that said the same. I was finally able to speak to their service manager in Tampa, Mark Laplant, who called me a liar about receiving a call about them shattering a window and then just hung up on me. They are saying I need to pay them $800 extra to fix the damaged windows I received and also for their damage they caused while the car was in service there. It is impossible to speak with anyone from Tesla about this.

I feel this is a very shady business practice - receiving a brand new car that is damaged and then being told to pay for the fix. Before calling me a liar and disrespecting me for buying a $80,000+ "brand new" car Mark Laplant, Tesla Service Manager, said that I was banned from any Tesla service and my car would not function moving forward. Not sure what Mark Laplant, Tesla Service Manager, can do there but what a disgusting experience buying a new car. BEWARE


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