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Mark Clark

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Phone 281-994-7311

Mark Clark Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018

I first started conversation with Mr. Clark on August 07, 2015. We started a conversation on a gay website The following day he asked for my email address to communicate that way. I gave it to him. Our correspondence has continued on this platform but we decided on the 16th of August to also use text messaging. I gave him my number and 2 days later we began texting one another. We discussed what we felt both wanted in a relationship if we choose to pursue it with each other. We found to have similar interests with what to expect in a relationship and decided to move ahead with one

I learned at this point that Mr. Clark said he was a civil engineer from Australia working as an independent on a project in the Houston Texas area in the United States. He said he had several employees and that the project was funded with his own finances, with payment refunded with profit upon completion.

He claimed he had sold his home in Australia to fund the project because he felt this was an opportunity of a lifetime. I told him I was in a second career study program to be a paralegal with completion in January 2016.

The first time I was asked for money was August 20th 2015. It was $461.00 Cdn for repairs to a broken piece of equipment necessary for the project. I was hesitant at first but later convinced it was just a temporary loan as he was without emergency funds for such repairs or unforeseen problems that might occur. He claimed that to be because the project was running late and that all his capital and existing loans he received for the project were exhausted. I then agreed to help. He asked that I wire the money to a Mr. Wayne Durham’s bank account because he did not have a US account active and that Wayne was an employee of his, so it was safe.

I was sent all pertinent banking information for this transaction and forwarded directly to the account. This was the beginning of many amounts of money forwarded. After approx. $8000.00 was sent to Wayne on behalf of Mark, Mr. Clark offered me a business deal to invest up to a certain amount of money that was to be used for sundry expenses as needed and to help aid in paying his freelance employees. A contract was sent to me for review. We then spoke briefly on the telephone regarding this (2-3minutes) and agreed that the use of electronic signatures was binding. That was revised on the contract and sent back (copy attached with documents) I was asked that when funds were needed I would send them directly to certain people that were involved with the project as payments towards their services or other financial obligations he was subject to pay. The initial amount was not to exceed $38,000.00 US.

In the later part of September, Mr. Clark confessed to me that he had a pending court case back in Australia regarding unpaid taxes for a project he and his father did for the Australian government. He claimed his father had died during this project and that the onus was put on him

Beginning of October, 2015 Mark has said that the project was completed and paid. He had opened up a Chase bank account to deposit the payment. Immediately afterwards he claimed the account was frozen by request of the Australian government until he returned to Australia to confront the allegations of tax evasion that was pending in the courts. Further monies were sent as he claimed were needed to pay taxes with the Houston project and perhaps by doing so he could get access to some funds to pay workers and myself back. I did so until the max amount of $38k was reached.

Mark shortly thereafter said he was under house arrest with the US government as requested by Australia and claims he was deported October 14th 2015.

Mr. Clark sent to me in November a signed document acknowledging the outstanding debt owed and accrued interest under the terms of the contract. I assume in honesty in this matter and continued correspondence with him until April 21st 2017.

During beginning months of 2016 I again helped Mr. Clark with finances with claims of penalties and stamp charges that were needed to be paid. The amount were sent to certain individuals Jim Behr, Robert Niemoeller, Sean Tate and Robert Baker all US Resident addresses he claimed as tax agent representing the Australian government that were to receive monies on Mark’s behalf as he was restricted from any sort of money access until his accounts were unfrozen. He assured me that they were government agents that would pay his charges to the US Government to get his US account unfrozen. I ceased sending any more money June 2016 but an additional approx. $10,000 Cdn was sent during that time.

Amicable dialogue continued with Mark. In November 2016 he confirmed that all had been resolved and that he had received his passport back and abilities to work and continue business as usual, he put it.

Through out 2017 we continued texting andhe claimed to have booked a flight to Buffalo NY. where I was to pick him up and settle the outstanding debt.

he never showed

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