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Mark A. Haughton

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone (786)520-9560

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  • Jun 3, 2018

I somehow got convinced and feel stupid now for paying for coaching sessions with Mark Huahgton and am very displeased and angry. I was scammed by him and paid him $222 for coaching sessions that were so worthless. First of all, he promised that they would be an hour long each week. and most of them were only 10 minutes. Next, he kept promising things that he would teach me and stated that along with his instruction, I would manifest what I want in 2 months. I followed his instructions that were so basic and generic and surprise surprise, nothing happened. I really tried to believe and follow his instructions at that time, but when 2-3 months were over, I stopped paying for coaching because nothing manifested. You may have seen his videos on youtube. He lures people in, promises personalized coaching, and then gives everyone the same links to listen to that are already on youtube. People that were in his facebook group such as Raquel have exposed him and people who paid for his coaching told me about their experiences.

When we compared our experiences, he just sent us all the same links on youtube such as Also, his coaching sessions are just a rehash of all videos he made when he promised that they would be personalized and more. But no, it's all bullshit. He's a scammer. He will just talk about the same stuff from his videos every week. Don't be fooled and don't pay him money. He also scammed so many people with "vibrational numbers" that people have paid him for. I asked him for a refund and all he did was email me back some bullshit excuse and quoted the bible. So disappointed that I paid Mark. Learn from my mistake and stay away.

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  • Jun 4, 2020

The only misconception...

The only misconception is that you think this is as easy as following steps 1, 2 and 3 and then everything comes magically.

You need to keep two things in mind when manifesting:

1.) There are 7.6 billion people in the world, likely hundreds, if not thousands of people likely trying to manifest something that’s exactly like you. If there’s only one 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO left in the world, there’s only one and two things must happen. The current owner must be impressed and motivated to sell it in the first place, and then, you and the other car collectors that want it must then be worked out to see who is going to receive it. This leads to the second part...

2.) Now, materially, the universe works in the most efficient way possible. If a billionaire also wants it but you also want it but you have no money, then the universe will likely end up giving the billionaire the car because he’s got the means and the opportunity was given. The misnomer of manifesting makes people think that stuff will manifest out of thin are whenever they want. It’s not the case. Thoughts and emotions are energy and even physics points that an immense amount of energy is released when matter is destroyed. So imagine the amount of energy needed to actually produce matter.

LOA attracts that which is already manifested but it takes time and piecing together of circumstances to manifest the right scenario to bring you what you want.

People give up before it’s ready and most of the time, the faith is half assed and half filled with doubt anyway. So it’s like a muddled signal at best to begin with.

It’s not so much Mark being a scammer... well at least LOA is not a scam but as for Mark maybe he is a shitty teach. Who knows. You just have to be better at LOA and have trust.

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  • Jun 30, 2018

Started following mark to learn his way of Manifesting lottery winning ( i know)

Decided to buy a package for 133.33 dollars

Found out i got a bunch of free Online YouTube Bineural beats along with two sessions of the free Videos mark has supplied us with on YouTube

Basically , i paid money for Free content that is available online


A bunch of "vibretional Numbers"

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  • Aug 29, 2020

Understanding your point of view

I understand everyone has grew up with different belief systems. You have to do your part and not give up. I get that the things he teach maybe constant repeat lessons. But, what I am getting from you is that you quit too early in the game of LOA and you also have some negative core beliefs about manifestation. I hope you find help to removed your negative core beliefs about LOA or manifesting things into your life.

here are some youtube videos that help me remove some of my negative core beliefs about LOA

  • Dec 16, 2019


yeah all his videos are repeated crap. Nothing new. People can also pretend to win lottery byt making fake photos and cardboard print outs. There is a place in Vegas you can go to pay money to take fake lotto winner photos / wedding pics to fool people. He has done this to lure people in. I believe he won 60 grand but that other large win was staged. I never watched him my gut always told me he isnt legit. He just rambles garbage. You cant make sense of it all.

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