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Mario Contorino SR

Country United States
State New York
City Chester
Address 3 Contorino Way
Phone 845-22-9229

Mario Contorino SR Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2020

A few days ago Mario Sr. called and said he was interested in the 2 TA's I had for sale and would leave North Carolina the next morning to come pick them up. They were offered on craigslist for $1000 for both. He loaded the cars and asked for the titles even though the CL ad indicated "parts only" I told him I have gone through eveything in my office and garage but I would be willing to look in my office again.

When we came inside he looked around as I did and I told him I had gone through all the papers and only found a users manual for the 80 TA. I told him I would email the previous owner to make sure he gave them to me or still had them and when I turned around to type the email he saw a couple bank envelopes i had in a jar and so he took them. He then handed me what I thought was $950 dollars becuse I told him that if we couldn't find the titles I would take off $50 bucks. I started to count the money which he gave me in $20 dollar bills and at the time he bolted from my office and said he needed to hit the road because NC was a long drive.

When he left I finished counting the money and found that he had shorted me at least $70. I then was going to put it with the other money and found that money was missing, He stole it because only he and I ever went into my office.

  • Oct 15, 2020

Bought a truck off of eBay described as no rust cab, fresh motor, runs and drives great. Get a ruck wth holes in the floor you can see when you open the door, truck will not move under it's own power and blue smoke billows out of the exhaust. Mario Contorino won't take my calls or respond to my texts as well as has never sent the title to the truck.

  • Feb 3, 2017

My story is also similar to the others. I purchased a car and mario came recommended to pick the car up. Mario called me and was very pleasant and helpful. Then after an issue with the cars title and beind falsely avertised the deal was cancelled. i recieved a full refund frm the seller and informed mario what had happened and was assured he woul refund my pay pal account. i am glad i only gave the half of the $1276.00 that he requested because i would be out the whole amount. This was two weeks ag and mario continus to play games saying he is on the phoe with paypal and i will take care of it tommorow. Mario also continues to e cute with his voice mail being full so icant leave him a messge. after a week i googled mariond found these complaints i called him out on it and he became very angry ad started to swear at me. so i would suggest not doing any buisness with MARIO CONTORINO ( his car parts or his shipping services ) . If Mario sends my money back i will be happy to file a rebuttle. My next step is the court process. This has to stop that these people stop getting away wit stealing peoples hrd earned money. I am glad i save all his "i will refund you" texts

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