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Marina Reiter

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 179 E 3rd St
Phone 1-646-403-0257

Marina Reiter Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2017

SCAM ART GALLERY, Marina Reiter is a liar, fraud, takes money every month from artists and promises shows she does nothing with it but live well off of about 30 artists...DO NOT SIGN UP WITH MARINA REITER.... or Gallery 26 but she may be using another name.. she is Russian and is spending a lot of time in Washington, D.C. may be setting up a new gallery. She stole $1,500 US from me and has promised to pay it back...but had all kinds of excuses, like my bank doesn't know your bank, I live in Canada, do you think I am that stupid to believe such crap. Marina Reiter charged me $325/month for 2 years and was never open... I have friends in NYC and they went by many times and the gallery was closed... I cancelled my card because she had promised me a show but never got in touch about invites, opening, press etc.

but was away for 3 months with no contact... I sent multible emails but no answer... then she promised me a show in September 2017 but that would not have materlized as the gallery is now closed but she is still doing her SCAM.... she was refusing to return my work and another artist I was in touch with...finally I got my work back but I never thought I would...

BECAREFUL, IT IS A SCAM GALLERY and Marina Reiter is a crook, thief, fraud miss repressenting herself as being a lover of artists and the art world.... she just wants money $$$$$ from you. Do not have anything to do with MARINA REITER, STUDIO 26, or anyone who is associtaed with her.. check ALL persons who want to show your work. Also she does art fairs so if you get approached BRCAREFUL of any one who does speak to you about her gallery and you have to pay monthly as it is a co-op or vanity gallery, STAY AWAY from any gallery who wants money $$$ monthly.

Marina Reiter is probably using another name FOR A GALLERY in NYC or Washington, D.C. so becareful but then again it could be any state.

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