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  • Mar 20, 2017

BPD Marignan, TOTALLY UNRELIABLE, warning for overseas buyers!!!

I purchased the Real estate in Saint trpoz, name is BREEZE St Tropez. (The marketing firm is Zingraf Real Estate) Cote d'azur in France april last year. According to the payment plans, I have paid so far 30% of the installments according to the stages they informed me.

but one of the payment on November 28th, which amounts 50000 EUROs, according to the builder, Marignan is never received. So I tried to get hold of them and get clarified, but that never succeed since no one answers my e-mails nor phone calls.

My bank CIC (St Tropez branch) tried also actively seeking the money that is propoerly sent, found no problem with the transactions.

But Marignan continues to ignore my request until Feb this year and told me the fund was actually received by them. But such incident, which involved a huge amount of money made me doubt about the company. I requested to stop the contract since I feel no more confidence in them BPD Marignan. But there's no answer. I now have my lawyer asking them for a refund, they keep igmoring me still. Maybe because my purchased aprtment is one of the cheapest in their portfoilio, less than a million EUROs, thats why they dont take their client such as me seriously. BPD Marignan projects should be avoided therefore by any serious investors.

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