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Marietta Toyota

Country United States
State Georgia
City Marietta
Address 750 Cobb Pkwy S
Phone 770-422-1490

Marietta Toyota Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2017

Car buying nightmare from HELL! I came into Marietta Toyota to purchase a 2017 Camry. I already had an approved loan through Capital one which I was currently using for my 2010 Camry. Capital one had advised me that if I wanted to keep my 2010 they would also finance my 2017 but since I had no need to drive to cars I did a trade in. My loan was for $25,000 so that was enough to cover my balance and the new car. Keep in mind my loan for the 2010 was only in my name which I have proof of. Everything went good until about 2 weeks later when I realize they had scammed an extra $302.07 from me. The loan amount included my pay off amount but two days after a payment was token out of my account. I called Capital one because I thought that would be something on their end but they told me that Marietta Toyota knew that a payment was coming out and shouldn’t have included that amount in my contract. So, this is when the nightmare started I called Marietta Toyota about my payment then they tell me that the title has two people name on it. I said that is not true because the loan is in my name and it should only be in my name. They told me when I refinanced my car Capital One never made a new title. That has nothing to do with me. That’s when the phone calls began and they wanted me to commit forgery. A guy by the Kerry Westbrooks called me about the title. He said that he wanted me to come in and pick the title up and take it to the tag and title office in College Park, forge the other person’s signature which I have on recording and just tell them that he is out of the country. As I kept telling everybody who called me. I have no clue where this guy is. I haven’t talked to him since 2011, I didn’t even know he was still on the title. Capital one never gave me a problem. He also called Ricky Gilbert and Ann Mims in the office to put more pressure on me to forge a signature. They even typed a letter had it notarize before I even read it by an employee “B. Houze” which I will be reporting her to Superior Court of Notary. That is prohibited to notarize a letter without them actually seeing the person and verifying their identity. So that day I said sure I would because I was being pressured by all 3 employees. They said they will never know just sign his name. I told them just give me my car back. They then told me we can’t do that. We sold it. I said what, ok. I then left and called a lawyer. She told me don’t do that it’s against the law, just get your car back. So, I then waited for them to call me and said just come pick the title up I don’t feel comfortable signing another person signature on a title. I will sign my name but that’s it. So I went back into the office 4/19/2017. That’s when more pressure and threats came. They called Kenny Westbrooks the master minder of it all, general manager, Ricky Gilbert, and Ann Mims. They basically said so you’re not going to help us and sign the name. I said no. Then they presented me with a generic letter from and attorney by the name of Keith A. Meador, threating me that I have 10 days to sign the other person signature or they are taking my car. Then Ann Mims yells at me and says “ We can take the car right now” I responded take the car then but I want my old car back. She said that’s not possible it has been sold. The way I have been treated is ridiculous. They should not be allowed to work in this type of field. They need to all be in jail. I can’t believe they really want me to commit forgery or threaten taking my car. I told Capital one what they plan on doing and they said they owe them money if they even attempt to take my car. I am going to report them to every agency possible. They owe me an apology and my money back ASAP!!

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