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Marie Hischier- Homesmart Monrovia

Country United States
State California
City Monrovia
Address 134 W Olive Ave
Phone (626) 755-6790

Marie Hischier- Homesmart Monrovia Reviews

  • Apr 26, 2018

This Broker support agents who do not work in the interest of the client, but work in the interest of their own, Example, my Agent was on her vacation timeline because of which agent lied to me so avoid negotiation. Basically organized the sale by lying, mis-representing facts to buyer.


1. Avoided all paperwork and CAR forms so that first time homebuyer stay helpless and has to go thorugh her.

2. Made agrements in the email and left for vacation. Came back from vacation and emailed that work is done. I live in the house not a leaf moved, but she claims that work is done. Maybe IN HER DREAMS.

3. Agent made a side agreement with the listing agent on how she will made sure that Seller get's what seller wants and seller's needs are met. Basically organized the sale by lying, mis-representing facts to buyer.

Broker has no class, can't handle work with neutral, unbiased and professionally. Well, She's a kiss-Agent's-A**.

Instead of fact checking on her agent broker created her own SHITSHOW by -

1. Reporting me to the Police and claiming that I pose her a threat (resulted in blah ha ha on her face)

2. Sent me legal notices to stop talking about what happened

3. Registered me on several mental health websites, tagged me in FB post claiming that I need mental help. (P.S.- Mental health discrimination, Violation of my PII)

Broker is real piece of work and goes long way to get liked by her gang of cheating and lying agents resulting in Breach of Broker Duties.

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