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Marie Forleo

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Dec 21, 2017

It all started with bschool, they sell the idea you will make millions online, except they are all making millions selling you the idea on how to sell online except they havent created a product or an online course that is not on how to sell online, but sell you the idea that you can, i have seen people make money out of other online courses but they are sometimes the exception, most people have to become a coach, the ones that have made money the most are another version of bschool or high-end coaching that teaches the same thing that bschool teaches, so i think they are all scammers, i respect those who have actually made money selling courses that are not on how to sell courses but actually teach you something else, majority makes money on coaching or selling you an online course on how to sell online see the circle? its a big scam, then they tell you you need a course on how to make a website, how to get leads, how to market, how to do copy-writing, how to do sales pages, how to work on your mindset, how to create graphics, how to create fb ads, ..........etc ... etc... and it is a never ending rabbit hole taking all your money, ive seen tons of people who seem to have large trust funds and ton of money that can do this, but those of us who really dont have that much money and would like to sell online, its almost impossible, unless you do the same thing as them like kimra, sell online course on how to sell online... overall bschool does teach you fundamentals but not the how to do it, that is when the rabbit hole begins.... so i see them as scammers they found an easy eay to sell a dream online

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