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Maricopa Sign Company

Country United States
State Arizona
City Maricopa
Address 19395 N John Wayne Pkwy #2833
Phone 1 520-483-5398

Maricopa Sign Company Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2020

I have unfortunately used this company to be the wholesale manufacturer of the signage that I provide to my customers. The first time I used them I gave them the sign specifications and they told me it would be ready in 10 business days.

I happily passed this info to my customer and scheduled installation. Six days after the due date I received the signs. I lost money because I had to reschedule the installers. I was told that it was due to equipment problems.

A month later I figured I would give them another chance because my other supplier couldn't commit to the due date. It was a rush project and I made sure that Maricopa Sign Company confirmed multiple times that they could reach the deadline. I contacted them two days prior to the due date and they confirmed that we were on schedule.

The due date came and they asked for a couple more days. Once again, the installers had to be rescheduled. The next due date came and went and still no signs. Again, I had to reschedule installers and my customer's sign missed their grand opening. Four days later the sign arrived.

Approximately two months later I was stuck with supplier issues and was forced to use them again at the insistance of my boss. I made sure that they were given the industry standard of three weeks to complete the sign. I confirmed multiple times that the sign was on schedule.

I was reassured several times that the signs would be delivered on the date promised. I received the signs almost two weeks after the due date. When the sign arrived it was missing the install pattern, the registered trademark and the specifications that were agreed on were not met.

The company had cut corners on both the thickness of the backer material and of the acrylic faces. The backer was supposed to be painted and instead they had put printed vinyl on it. I did not authorize these changes. The construction of the sign was substandard and there were light leaks everywhere. There were even finger prints in the paint. I ended up losing this account.

I tried multiple times to get in touch with the owner because I kept getting excuses and the run around. Despite the owner being actively involved in the day to day oerations, he refuses to take calls from customers and no issues ever get resolved.

There is always an excuse about broken equipment or an employee shortage. I have since learned after speaking to many other companies that use them that every other company has had identical issues to mine.

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