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Maria Rivera

Country United States
State Georgia
City Perry
Phone 478 988 6000

Maria Rivera Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2019

I was hired by this awful sneaky woman named Maria Rivera, to work in HR. I didn’t last much time there, this woman would literally destroy your self esteem and will intimidate you until you quit. Maria Rivera Hates Latinos and blacks, even know she is from Spain and a Latina her self.

This woman treat me like I was garbage and ask me to engage in discriminatory practices, she said black and Latinos are inferior to white educated, she ask us to refuse to hire pregnant woman’s if they belly was noticeable.

Maria Rivera is only the Human resourses Manager of the Cook Plant in Perry but she is so controlling that she is always controlling the other production side, her power hungry is never enough, I was told that she got rid of many many others in Human Resources, anyone that treats her position or may replace her.

Maria Rivera has plotted many good managers and supervisors to be fired, she often say that she will never get fired because she know how to kiss A$$ to corporate.

The retention rate is horrible, Perdue Farms has lost a lots of money and good people that was a good asset to the plant because IF FOR ANY PERSONAL REASON MARIA RIVERA DONT LIKE THE SHE WILL FIND A REASON TO FIRE THEM.

the stories I can tell you are endless, she used to scream at us and at night I will have nightmares and does most of the people closer to her, as a result no one I MEANT NO ONE STAY TO LONG.

EVERYONE WONDER WHY CORPORATE HAS NOT FIRED MARIA RIVERA as lost of us have witnessed her illegal behavior, but chances are the company is directing her to behave like this REGARDLESS OF ALL THE MONEY THEY LOST BECAUSE OF HER INEPTITUDE

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