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Maria Nerio Rivera

Country United States
State California
City Yorba Linda
Address 5115 Vía Del Fierro

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  • Jun 26, 2017

Maria Rivera owes us for $67.50 for 3 weeks of pool service, and a service call charge of $85 for installing an electric pool cleaner vacuum she ordered online. Not to mention pool conditioner which we also added when we began service which is typically a $70 annual charge.

We terminated services to this woman for several reasons and frankly weren't even going to bother collecting because she was such a nightmare to work for in a short period of time. Highly disputatious and pugnacious with our entire staff. We terminated services and told her on several occasions to cease contact with our company. She didn't pay her final billings and to add insult to injury she goes online to malign our company and besmirch our staff.

OCPA is a total disappointment and I would never recommend this company unless you want to be ripped off with unprofessional customer service. She will be sent a cease and desist by our legal counsel and if she persists we will be filing police reports for harassment and seeking a TRO. If she continues to make false statements about our company, it's staff, and owner we will sue her for libel, defamation and loss of business due to her actions. We merely want to tell our side of what transpired:

Maria Rivera ordered her own pool equipment online and asked us to install it. We told her husband Richard we don't recommend installing the equipment they purchased and explained why. Nevertheless we followed instruction and installed it. We were given praise for the neat and clean installations.

Several times Maria called the office and claimed the new equipment was leaking, we immediately came out to the house, not once, not twice, but THREE times, we took photographs and a video that neither of the components WE installed were leaking, their filter is leaking, we didn't install the filter and have already explained to her on several occasions this is not what we installed..

A conversation between the repair technician and husband Richard Rivera as we attempted to dissuade them from installing the new equipment they ordered online his reply was "Install it, I'm tired of arguing with her". From our own experiences we were tired of arguing with her which is one of several reasons we summarily terminated services. We have told her several times to call someone else. We are not beholden to you Maria, we owe you NOTHING and terminated your services because we do not want you as a customer, and now we cite non payment.

Their previous pool cleaning service quit too... Imagine that!.

The repair work we were paid for was completed and we have proof there were no issues. We cleaned the pool and are owed for pool service, isocyanuric acid conditioner treatment and a service call. We realized quickly this woman is a nightmare to work for and evidenced by the fact other services summarily cut ties with her as well. When we question her what exactly she thinks we did wrong she's inarticulate, unclear and ignorant and cannot decipher the difference between her old equipment and what was installed. We ocan only say the SAME thing so many times! Now her latest complaint Maria somehow she thinks we should clean her pool for free and submit a full refund for work that was ALREADY completed. (The components they purchased online). One being an ozonator.

This woman also argued with our pool cleaners, office staff, and manager telling us their pool doesn't require chlorine since they installed an ozonator . This woman had us clean their pool for weeks and didn't pay a single penny for cleaning. We installed a pump and an ozonator, their pool filter is leaking and somehow our fault. We didn't clean their filter, service their filter, sell them a filter, or install a filter! We also installed and are owed $85 for a service call for their pool sweep in addition to water conditioning . The husband Richard Rivera made comments made to our repair tech, And Richard was told the pump they ordered was a two speed pump and not as good as the single speed pump they had and we don't recommend installing it, he said "just install it I am tired of arguing with her". We informed Richard Rivera in order to utilize the two-speed function of the new pump they would need a new timer and another line pulled in to , he told the technician to "wire it for high speed only" defeating the purpose of two speeds.... This woman is a know nothing about pool equipment or water chemistry but argues as though she's an authority on the subject, it's palpable why we wouldn't want her as a customer and summarily terminated her services which remain UNPAID!!

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