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Mare Watchers

Country United States
State Alabama

Mare Watchers Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2019

I am so glad this woman has been called out. I had this sent to me this morning from a friend and want to get my 2 cents in.

So a couple years ago I came across an ad for a breeder with rare color genetics and claimed to have the best of the best. I was intrigued to say the least. I contacted Ms. Brainard to get some more information on the genetics of the colors. She seemed to be very knowledgeable and sent me copies of all the horses’ genetic tests and took the time to explain them to me. We discussed what you would most likely get if you crossed which mare to which stud. We discussed the fee which was 1500.00. I can honestly say I didn’t ask enough questions or ask for current pictures and could saved myself a trip and wasted day of my life if I would have.

I pulled in and the first thing I saw was ribs and hip points and saggy bellies. Most looked wormy. I was in total shock that I just drove from 2 states away for this. The best of the best? I would hate to see what she considered the worst. The one mare in the other report was there too. Supposedly already with foal. I am glad to have seen after all this time someone did the right thing and put that poor mare down. It hurt me to look at her eyes. Because now I am pissed but also very curios to see what kind of scam was going on here I stuck it out and walked around listening to her sales pitch. In a nut shell this woman really knows nothing about horses. She also doesn’t understand the importance of vetting breeding animals is you can not do the necessary cleaning and tests. Her idea of breeding is putting this stud in with the mare and let nature do it’s job. No per examines or cleaning of Mare and Stud. No pregnancy / twin checks. No idea of worming schedule or shots needed. Just all a plane joke. Not to mention it didn’t look like a farrier had been used in months on top of it all.

After wasting my time and gas money, I promptly thanked her and told her I needed to discuss it with my spouse and would get back with her. If you are assuming I never contacted her again you would be correct. I blocked her number after her third call in the next two days afterwards.

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