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Marcus Hiles

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 10777 Santa Monica Boulevard

Marcus Hiles Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2017

Not so long ago we moved into a new house. It all started well, good weather, excellent roads, well-maintained plants, various playgrounds, children are happy, what a refreshing experience. We began to order different furniture for our house, buy various trinkets for comfort, all seemed pinky and happy, but later we were enlightened quite bad. It all started as we decided to install a new gas boiler in our house. We chose from the top firms and companies, but I settled on pot mark "Marcus Hiles". It was dvised by very charming store manager who called himself Dany. He explained that all modern boilers have frequent outages, it can quickly break down, and a repair is sometimes very expensive and not all damage will be covered by warranty, so he advised the boiler of the brand "Marcus Hiles", due to the fact that, as he described it, many of its details are composed of copper which allows it to work perfectly without screw-ups, and because of the maintenance of the boiler in case of breakdown is not so expensive. After consulting with my wife we decided that it's the best choise and bought it. It cost us $1000, plus $300 for the delivery and installation. A few days later they brought and installed the boiler, and in that moment I was oddly warned by the suspicious behavior of workers. It was as if they laugh at our choice of boiler, and yes, after two weeks our boiler started acting strange. I decided to pass it under warranty and took it to the diagnosis. A few days later we got a call saying that the case is not guaranteed and we have to repair it at our own expense. I rebelled and came into the store, found Dany, who promised me that there will be no problem (he just advised the same boiler to the new buyers!). Dany doesn't help me. He just said that he could not affect the decision of a service center and does not have any relation to it. After that, I have long tried to fight with this store, but nothing came of it, so I had to repair the boiler for my own money, that costs me $250. The service workers explained me that the sellers constantly sell the goods of poor quality, just because they have such system of motivation, and that's not the first time people come to them with this problems.

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