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report scam

Marcus Beverly

Country United States
State California
City Stevenson Ranch
Address 25876 The Old Road #350
Phone 310-487-1042

Marcus Beverly Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2018

I just found other reports with the same descripiton as I. Marcus Beverly ripped me off for over 70K. Stole my credit. Scammed me in laons and purichases on credit cards and loans. I too got the story of "company troubles". He was to help me open a business. I had just finished a long divorce and this person robbed me of my credit score of 855. I met this person through a long time friend in 2013. By late 2014 I was receiving calls on past due credit lines. 2015 bankruptcy. The Mohave County sheriff would not take a report. I contacted Secret Service in PHX, AZ and filed a report with LA County Sheriff. I was then receiving threats against my life. I had been contacted by another person who claimed the same thing happened to him. Another person in my story is Marie with United Credit Repair at that time in Florida. I filed bankruptcy in 2015. The sheriff would not do anything as Mr Beverly is a good scammer and plays the system well. Beverly put braces on his kids, got his foriegn wife citizenship with my money! I have moved on and I am rebuilding my life. However, I would love to see karma happen to this person. How is this person getting away with this for years and years.....What the heck!!!! I also have his bank statements with the depsosits via Square into his bank account from my credit. YES I HAVE THESE RECORDS IN A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX!!! I will hire an attorney at some point. Or if you want to file a group contact me.

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