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Country United States
State Alaska
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  • Oct 21, 2016

Marcone had the worst customer service that I've ever had and they show absolutely no interest in attempting to satisfy an upset customer.

On 10/6/2016 my fridge control panel blew a fuse. On the recommendation of the repairman, I called Marcone to order the part I needed. Although they offered him a price of $123, they told me I would have to pay $168 since I was ordering the part without a contractor account. The same part was listed on a large well known competitor for $143, but I was willing to pay extra since Marcone promised to deliver the part on Sat (2 days earlier) and I had a fridge full of rotting food. They charged me $49 for rush shipping but who knows how much they marked that up.

Later that day I got an e-mail that the order was shipped and was expected to be delivered on Sat. However when I clicked into the tracking number from the shipper, the part was not going to arrive until 2 days later. The shipper said that Marcone had not ordered the Sat delivery correctly even though they had charged me for it. The shipper could not change the deilvery from their end. I tried to call back Marcone that day but everyone had left at 5:05 pm on a Friday.

When I finally got the part on 10/10, I tried to call their customer service and asked politely to speak to a manager. I was transferred to another number, but nobody ever answered. I called 3 different times with the same result. On the fourth or fifth try, I finally talked to one customer service rep who initially offered to pay the difference in shipping price. When I complained that that was not very fair considering that I had paid extra to use them for a faster service that they did not actually provide, she negotiated several times with her manager to get me small incremental discounts. The manager never offered to speak to me directly or ever offered an apology. In the end I only managed to get the same price as the list price as the competitor. I found it appalling that they were more interested in keeping a profit over any attempts to make me happy after such awful service. They cost me more than the part was worth in property damage if you consider the food I had to throw out.

I finally gave up since I wasn't really getting anywhere. I invited the rep to have a manager call me back if they had any interest in trying to make a customer happy before I told my story. I would have loved to get an actual apology from someone. I have never heard back from anyone. They did finally credit the little bit I negotiated, but it took several days.

I would NOT recommend anyone use this company who overcharges and does not care about the service they provide.

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