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Mallory TK Contracting

Country United States
State Georgia
City Sunnyside
Address P.O. Box 701
Phone (770) 584-1274

Mallory TK Contracting Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2019

I ordered 35 loads of soil each of 18 tons. I asked to have have a written contract. He only works with verbal contract. Late I understood why. He increase a price in middle of work. First of all he didn't bring soil. He brought TRASH FROM CONTRACTION SITES. I had to clean by yard from pipes, trash, broken glass (collect 10 lb of broken glass).

2 - I paid for 35 loads, he bring 32 half full loads. Have to argue and prove him, we count each track. Late he bring 3 more.

3 - destroyed my grass not BY accident, exposed internet cable.

4 - fives times he promised arrive, and no call, no show.

5 - he left his bobcat on my back yard for month.

6 - he did not do what we agreed, however he collect 112% of payment. Bring trash from construction site, instead of soil Griffin, GA Georgia

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