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Makeup Kits Available

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Erie
Address 1001 State St., Ste. 1400
Phone 1-877-218-4593

Makeup Kits Available Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2017

This brand is nothing but a scam. they offer to send you their product for a $1 plus the shipping & after 15 days, the contract claims they will charge $127 if you don't cancel and return the product. well once i tried the product, i was beyond disappointed by how little coverage it had, the brush it came with looked like one i could get at the dollar store, and the bag was ugly. my point is that what i got in the mail isn't not worth anywhere near that price. Anyways, after that one time, i never used the product again and i completely forgot to cancel the trial. & because i forgot, they tried to charge my account for $89.53 but it declined. You would think because of the decline i'd get a call or email but that wasn't the case. They continued to try and charge my account 2 more times. I still don't understand why they were charging me a completely different price and i'm very upset with how unprofessional this company is. I've been trying to get ahold of the customer service all morning as well and i still haven't got ahold of anyone. i have yet to be notified about my account being canceled and if i don't by tomorrow, i will start to take legal action. i refuse to give this company any of my money.

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