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Majestic Samoyed Pups

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Phone 469-672-5968

Majestic Samoyed Pups Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2019

Lost our dog on Dec. 27th and found several days later the web site for majestic samoyeds. Wife Called the phone number listed and left a message to call back. The site owner call us once an seemed to have a very bad speech problem and insisted on texting not speaking on the phone.

The Wife handled all the texting etc right down to him agreeing to sell us Snow also . wanted money by zelle . wouldn"t use paypal and insisted on zelle . Our bank Thank God would only send 500 at a time .

money was finally transferd and the the silent treatment started and as 1/7/19 he is not answer texts calls or emails from to site.This guy is a scammer ask he SOLD us the same dog as the other complainted .

  • Dec 29, 2018

Advertisement: Majestic Samoyed Pups for Sale This beware warning is being issued to any/all persons thinking about doing business with Frank Hill of When you view Frank Hill’s website it appears to be legit and he covers all issues to entice potential new pet owners or pet owners who have lost their furry companions due to old age, an unexpected illness or an accident to buy puppies from him while issuing alerts to buyers cautioning them to be weary of other Samoyed puppy sellers.

For instance, Frank’s play on words using a Scam Alert Article to make potential buyers believe he runs an honest business and fights against breeders, who fraud and/or scam buyers. Further, Frank discourage potential buyers from sending money to puppy sellers via Western Union or MoneyGram; who can’t provide you with their USA bank account information to make payments.

However, Frank hides behind an email address which receives and deposits monies you and I send to purchase puppies into an online account. He also provides fake address to make sure scammed buyers/victims can’t visit his home to retrieve a puppy or demand restitution of fraudulent advance payments. In red lettering he states: BIG RED FLAG! NEVER MAKE A PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION OR MONEYGRAM. At this point, he implies these payment methods are used by scammers. But he isn’t a scammer because he uses Zella.

If your dealings with Frank Hill resulted in the purchase of a puppy. I’m happy for you! On the other hand, I sent $750.00 to Frank Hill via and he turned out to be the SCAMMER. No, I did not get the puppy "Snow” that I paid for. In addition, a friend drove three-hours to find the address Frank provided which turned out to be a fraudulent address, after talking to the home owner. I recommend all buyers seeking to purchase a Samoyed puppy beware of flowery-word websites like Frank’s because he/she is not sympathetic to either of our desires to purchase a first-time pet or a replacement pet due to a loss. For him and others, its all about the money and taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Hopefully, you have learned from my mistake and loss not to purchase any purebred pets from Frank Hill. Whatever date or year, you stumbled upon this article remember you have been warned. Please share this article with your friends, associates, family members and social media audience.

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