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Maja Astrologer

Country United States
State Alabama

Maja Astrologer Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2015

After watching a YouTube presentation of the Taurus Astrology Report for August 2015, I saw that this astrologer named Maja was offering a 3-questions reading for $20.00

I agreed to purchase this using PayPal and was surprised to receive a MP4 recording and the 3 answers were all Psychic readings, nothing pertaining to Astrology!! She had asked for my full birth details which I had given her.

When I tried to complain to her about this, she rebutted that I had signed up for Psychic reading and NOT astrology readings. This was a clear mis-representation on her part and she refused to refund the $20.00

I feel I was conned - it is a small amount, nevertheless, she is going to get more vulnerable and gullible people in the future. I wish it to be published everywhere so that people are not conned into what she says she offers and what she actually delivers.

The whole video on YouTube was on Astrology matters - and there was no mention of any psychic answers to questions people might ask!!

Finally, if they were going to be psychic readings, why did she not mention this from the outset! Why did she have to have my full birth details? You only do this when astrology is involved!!

She is new to YouTube Astrology videos and I got conned by her immediately by paying for services I did not want. People all over need to be aware of her practice.

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