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report scam

Mainstreet Valuations

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake Cty
Address 2691 S Decker Lake Ln
Phone (801) 488-4639

Mainstreet Valuations Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2018

I have been screwed by this company. They called asking me to complete a bpo order. I wentt get pictures, notcied it was a different style than they had it as. Called but they were closed. Uploaded a message into their system. I completed the order uploading pictures and the tax card. 4 days later i get an email they are not paying. They have used this tactic before. I reminded them that they called me and offered a price to complete. They were not going to oy anything then offered $15. I let them know that did not cover the gas or time on this 2 hour round trip plus dditional 1 hour to finish the report. I am not completing any future work for them. In the past their QC has been so questional using people with an obvious lack of real estate knowledge. Now not aying for orders made me want to warn future agents from suffering through this.

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