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Country United States
State Alabama

Lyte Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2019

Lyte is the fulfillment company used by Burning Man STEP ticket sales. On the Burning Man Site I ordered 2 $425 tickets and 1 $100 Vechile pass. The cost with all the fees/taxes was $1169.76. I received a confirmation, but it was for a different ticket and price. Before CC was charged I had no option of approving it.

I have screen shots of my order and what Lyte sold and have sent them to both Burning Man and Lyte.

I first contacted Burning Man (not knowing about Lyte) and was told that I had to contact Lyte. Lyte has no published phone number on the web or the order confirmation or from Burning Man. I sent Lyte email explaining the issue and included the screen shots from my computer showing what I ordered and what I received and requested they either correct the order and amount or refund the purchase.

They sent an email refusing to do either.

As a result I have a $1688.89 charge for a ticket I do not want and can not use.

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