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LYS Energy Group

Country Singapore
City Singapore
Address 232A South Bridge Road
Phone 65-6610-4534

LYS Energy Group Reviews

  • Oct 26, 2016

RE: LYS ENERGY SOLUTIONS- SOLAR POWER PRODUCERS- SINGAPORE BASED ORGANIZATION- EMPLOYEE HIRING SCAM TO FILL POSITIONS FOR A FUTURE OFFICE TO BE BASED IN ST. LOUIS, MO- REPORTEDLY TO BE OPENING ON 10/10/2016 (of course this date has passed, but they may have changed the date and could still be prowling the internet job sites for future victim(s) to conduct their scam on).

If you are unemployed and desperately searching for employment and have been spending hours and hours sending out resumes and filling out applications, and praying day in and day out that you will be offered a job and working again by next week or the week after---DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT respond to any e-mail from the company LYS ENERGY GROUP. This "organization" as the "Hiring Manager", Mr. Nicolas Renon consistently referred to LYS as, is conducting an Employment Opportunity and Hiring Scam, and are finding their victims via the internet Job Site Listings. Despite having a very professional and legitimate looking website documenting the success of their rapidly, growing organization; reporting the awards their organization has received; and articles reporting their customers in Colorado had completed installing solar panels on about a dozen schools. Legit sounding?...?

First of all it is important to know that I am able to back up everything I am about to report!!! I have copies of the documents I received from this so called legitimate company. I kept the Fed Ex envelopes that I received. I kept copies of all e-mails sent and received. I have copies of the bogus Bank Checks sent to me, deposit slips, and e-mails.

As I stated above, this is a warning for those of you who are spending hours and hours sending out resumes and completing applications with hopes of finding a job- not even your dream job, but just a job to earn a paycheck so you are able to pay your bills. DO NOT, again I stress, DO NOT RESPOND to any e-mail from a company going by the name of LYS ENERGY GROUP. This "company" is conducting a Job Offer and Hiring scam, and believe me, they are very talented at being con-artists.

I will admit before I describe my nightmare, that I claim full responsibility for not taking the time to fully think things through and instead "jumping the gun" and making a HUGE mistake which is causing highly detrimental financial, emotional, and personal relationship problems for myself and those I love. I have been mentally punishing myself all day, every day since September 8th, for falling for this scam "hook-line-and-sinker." This is in addition to the stress of having been unemployed since the end of June after losing my job after 15 years of employment. Ok, enough of my personal agony....I now present to you my nightmare of living in h3ll since this company entered my life!!

9/8/16- responded to 9/5/16 e-mail from Human Resources, Sandra Wooten, stating her company had obtained my resume from one of the job site boards. She stated I had been "short-listed" for an on-line interview if interested. Being out of work since 6/29/16- of course I was interested. I was directed to set up a Google e-mail account and sign on the Hangouts to be able to interview with Mr. Nicolas Renon. I was interviewed for 20-25 minutes. It was explained that LYS was rapidly growing and was needing to hire staff for a branch office they were opening on 10/10/2016 in St. Louis, MO. After the interview, I was asked to wait for about 15-20 min so he could consult with the "Supervisors".

During this time is when I checked the website and didn't see anything suspicious. When Mr. Renon returned, he informed me the "Supervisors" gave approval to offer me a position as an Administrative Assistant, if interested. I received a "Job Offer" via e-mail to review. The "offer" : $18/hr for online training/work for home; FT days; $25 an hour beginning 10/10/2016; benefits; insurance.....very sweet offer! I agreed and signed and returned via e-mail (practices that Ms. Wooten stated the BBB has approved). Directed to check in with Mr. Renon the next morning, 9/9/16, at 8am and he would assign my task for the day.

Beginning on 9/9/16, I was assigned a task every morning and given the day to complete. These tasks were researching and writing comprehensive and descriptive reports on specific topics assigned by Mr. Renon. I was informed each time that I would be compensated for time and work. I did 5 research projects from 9/9-9/14/16.

9/14/16- I received via Fed Ex a Bank Check for $3,810.00 and was told it was for my "laptop and system set-up" cost. When I took it into my bank to deposit, they called the other bank and received verification that the check was authorized and the funds were available. My bank deposited the check and since they received verification of available funds, they did not place a hold on that amount and gave me immediate access to the funds.

I sent, via e-mail, a copy of the deposit slip. I was told they would contact one of their contractors and have them begin preparing the laptop I was to use to do LYS "business." When I checked in the next morning, I was told (and this is where I reacted without thinking and made the most idiotic mistake EVER) to keep $210.00 for my "sign-on" bonus, and to withdraw the remaining $3,600.00 and deposit it into the organization's contractor's account because they were ready to send my laptop so I could begin on-line training the following Monday. YEP-I know-a seriously, BRAIN-DEAD move on my part!!!

9/16/16- notified by my bank--they attempted to collect the "available" funds for the "authorized" check they called about on 9/14/16. BOGUS CHECK! They were told it was NOT an authorized check and there were no funds to cover it! Highly upset, I notified Mr. Renon about this situation and was assured it would be taken care of.

9/17/16- Saturday- FedEx envelope delivered with Bank Check from a different bank for $11,950.00- supposedly to cover the "bad" check, and remaining to purchase other office equipment: printer/fax/copy machine; office supplies; file cabinet; desk; etc.

9/19/16= Monday- Was skeptical and took it to the bank and waited while multiple attempts to contact the other bank for verification. While teller was on hold, we discussed the check would be placed on hold for at least 7 days. Found out at that time, any check over the amount of $500 was to be held 24hrs, check for $1,000- 2-3 days and 7-10 days for above $1,000. I told the teller, after the last fiasco, holding it a month would not bother me. She was not able to reach the bank during the time I was able to wait.

I received a call later that afternoon (9/19/16) from my bank's manager and she stated she had been attempting to speak with the other bank. She said she wasn't running the check through because it was more than likely a bogus one as well. She said she would not accept any additional checks from my so called new "employer" and that the only way she would conduct business with them would be through wire-transfers. She said to tell the "boss" to wire the money for the $11,950.00 check to the bank, and then she would deposit it in my account because she would have the actual funds that way.

She then proceeded to inform me that if my "boss" didn't make good on the $3,810.00 bogus check, the responsibility for the funds transfers to me and I am required to repay the bank (despite calling and being told it was a good check, and allowing myself to have immediate access to it despite hold amount limits). As a result, my account would be seriously in the red. And to add to the nightmare, I had opened the account after withdrawing my 401K and Deferred Comp funds which I needed because zero money coming in, and large amounts needing to go out. And also- no savings.

I sent a scathing e-mail at approximately 12:15pm, to my new "employer" informing him of the situation and how he and his "organization" had made me look like a fool and tarnished my reputation and relationship with my bank. I demanded the "Accounting Chief" be informed to wire #3,600.00 to my bank and gave him the bank manager's info to call and speak with her. At 3:15pm, I sent another message and asked what time could I tell my bank to expect the wire transfer?

9/20/16- 7:58am msg rcvd from Mr. Renon stating the funds would be wired within 24hrs. I e-mailed back and directed him to tell the "Accounting Chief" that I would be checking with my bank at 2:00pm and expected to hear from them that my money had arrived. I also sent a copy of the "Organization's Code of Conduct" and told him he needed to study it again because apparently he forgot what it says!!

9/20/16- 2:30pm- sent another e-mail and demanded wire transfer done by COB and if I didn't hear from my bank within the hour, I would be filing complaints with any and every agency I could find! To no surprise to me, nothing done!

9/21/16- attempted to sign-in to Google Hangouts and discuss the situation again with Mr. Renon. Low-and-behold, I was blocked out!!!!!!!!! Sent e-mail- no answer.

Since 9/21/16, I have sent e-mails re: this issue to: the Singapore US Embassy, the US Chamber of Commerce in Singapore; the FTC and Fed Ex and the US Postal system. I completed a Complaint Form IC3; sent an e-mail to the MO Attorney General's Office. I also notified the HQs of the bank where the organization's "customer's" bank account was to let them know they have a customer conducting fraudulent activity. I have followed all advice and notified all the Federal and State Agencies I could think of! I haven't received any feedback regarding this matter.

I do not know what to do??? I was telling a friend last night, the only way I can explain the situation and what it's done to me, is that I am just "emotionally broken down to the core." Not only did this company steal the only money I had to my name.....I still owe the bank $900.00, I'm still unemployed- which if I wouldn't have fallen for all the BS I was being spoon fed by these con-artists! I also stopped filing for unemployment benefits because I had a "job", and I stopped looking and applying for jobs, so I will never know if I missed out on an actual legitimate opportunity, or how much in possible wages I may have missed out on! Plus, bank overdraft fees cost me $200.00, and just the pure aggravation and stress I am continuing to go through and causing my family to have to deal with it as well.

I need someone to listen and hopefully be able to help me!!!! I don't know what to expect day to day! I'm tired, beat, and broke! If there is anything someone can do to help me- PLEASE, PLEASE contact me!!! Like I stated above, I have plenty of documentation to prove deceit on LYS ENERGY GROUP's part!

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance you can provide.

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